What describes the process of translation?

What describes the process of translation?

​Translation Translation is the process of translating the sequence of a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule to a sequence of amino acids during protein synthesis. The genetic code describes the relationship between the sequence of base pairs in a gene and the corresponding amino acid sequence that it encodes.

What are the steps in the process of translation?

Steps of Translation There are three major steps to translation: Initiation, Elongation, and Termination. The ribosome is made of two separate subunits: the small subunit and the large subunit.

Which describes something that occurs during translation?

In translation, messenger RNA (mRNA) is decoded in the ribosome decoding center to produce a specific amino acid chain, or polypeptide, describes something that occurs during translation. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What best describes a translation?

Translation is a term used in geometry to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. The object is not altered in any other way. It is not rotated, reflected or re-sized. The rust-colored item is the pre-image, and the blue item is the image.

What does translate mean?

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text. Translators, including early translators of sacred texts, have helped shape the very languages into which they have translated.

Is Translation a skill?

Translation is a profession which requires critical thinking skills and an academic level of knowledge. Translation is a profession which requires critical thinking skills and an academic level of knowledge. It does take personal responsibility and self-discipline to become a successful freelance translator

Who is the best translator in the world?

So today, we are going to celebrate seven famous translators from around the globe.

  • St. Jerome (347-420 AD)
  • Constance Garnett (1861-1946)
  • Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986)
  • Edward George Seidensticker (1921-2007)
  • Gregory Rabassa (1922-2016)
  • Richard Pevear & Larissa Volokhonsky.

How do you translate a different language?

Use Tap to Translate

  1. Open an app with text you can copy.
  2. Highlight the text you want to translate. Copy.
  3. On your current screen, tap Google Translate .
  4. Choose the language you want.

Is Google Translate accurate?

Overall, across all three languages, Google said its new tool is 60 percent more accurate than the old Google Translate tool, which used phrase-based machine translation, or PBMT

Can Google translate spoken words?

You can translate spoken words and phrases if your device has a microphone. In some languages, you’ll hear the translation spoken aloud. Go to the Google Translatepage. When told to “Speak now,” say what you want to translate.

How do I convert a voice recording to Word?

5 Hacks To Convert Voice Recording To Text

  1. Use Online Dictation Software.
  2. Utilise Machine Transcription.
  3. Download a Transcription App.
  4. Use the Latest Recording Converter Technology.
  5. Consider Highly Accurate Transcription Services.
  6. How to Convert Recording to Text.

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