What determines interpersonal attraction?

What determines interpersonal attraction?

There are many factors that lead to interpersonal attraction. Studies suggest that all factors involve social reinforcement. The most frequently studied include physical attractiveness, propinquity (frequency of interaction), familiarity, similarity, complementarity, reciprocal liking, and reinforcement.

Why would you choose to design a longitudinal study rather than to conduct an experiment quizlet?

Why would you choose to design a longitudinal study rather than to conduct an experiment? Some relationship factors cannot be manipulated in experiments.

Why is interpersonal attraction important?

One of the most important shared attitudes is that liking and disliking the same people creates an especially strong bond between two individuals. The connection between interpersonal attraction and similar attitudes is complex because once two people become friends, they begin to influence each other’s attitudes.

Which psychological research method is best for drawing cause and effect conclusions?

A main advantage of the experimental method is the ability to infer cause and effect. This is the only method of research that allows you to infer cause and effect. But, there are limits. It’s difficult to have an experiment that is so well designed that it isn’t always possible even when you have an experiment.

When would you use a case control study?

A case-control study is designed to help determine if an exposure is associated with an outcome (i.e., disease or condition of interest). In theory, the case-control study can be described simply. First, identify the cases (a group known to have the outcome) and the controls (a group known to be free of the outcome).

What are characteristics of good research title?

Characteristics of a Good Research Title

  • It should predict the content of the research paper.
  • It should be interesting to the reader.
  • It should reflect the tone of the writing.
  • It should contain important keywords that will make it easier to be located during a keyword search.

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