What did Brian build his shelter under?

What did Brian build his shelter under?

“One rocky ledge at lake side makes a natural lookout tower and provides shelter. This ledge becomes Brian’s home, where a simple lean-to can protect him against most of the elements.

What does Brian put up on a ridge?

15,961 answers. Brian makes a shelter up against a stone ridge. After the plane crashes, Brian realizes right away that he is going to need some kind of shelter. His windbreaker is torn to shreds.

How does Brian make his shelter safer?

What did Brian use as shelter and how did he make it safer? He found a hollowed out ledge that provided a roof. He made it safer by weaving dead branches together to make a wall. It made sparks when it hit the rock wall.

Why did Brian build a raft?

After repairing the shelter and gathering wood, Brian turns his attention to the tail of his plane sticking up out of the lake. He is sure that a survival pack is stored in the plane that would yield him many useful items. However, Brian must build a raft to reach the plane and retrieve the survival pack.

What did Brian see that upset him so much?

What does Brian see that upsets him so much? The fish have eaten most of the flesh from the pilot’s head.

How does Brian save himself from drowning?

Brian shoots himself out of the water and remains at the surface trying to catch his breath and force the image of the dead pilot out of his mind.

Why did Brian chided himself for not focusing on his rescue?

(10)Brian chided himself for not focusing on his rescue. Judge his reasoning. His skin was tanned, his face burned by the fire, and he lost weight. His mind and body began working together and responding by instinct.

Why is it so hard for Brian to stand up at the end of Chapter 4?

Chapter 4 of Hatchet Brian is so troubled by his parents’ divorce that as he comes back to consciousness after crashing the plane, he thinks about the Secret. The beginnings of this memory are so painful to Brian, ”the hot-hate slices of the memory were exact,” that he jerks back into consciousness, screaming.

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