What did Leonardo Bruni write?

What did Leonardo Bruni write?

Bruni’s most notable work is Historiarum Florentini populi libri XII (History of the Florentine People, 12 Books), which has been called the first modern history book.

Who is Bruni?

Bruni is a character in Disney’s 2019 animated feature film, Frozen II. A salamander of innocuous appearance, Bruni is an inhabitant of the Enchanted Forest and the elemental spirit of fire. Though shy at first, Bruni quickly bonds to those with the patience to understand him, as Elsa does.

What were the five major territorial states?

Five territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) are permanently inhabited, unincorporated territories; the other nine are small islands, atolls and reefs with no native (or permanent) population.

Why did Italy have city states?

Why were they important? The wealth of the Italian city-state played an important role in the Renaissance. This wealth allowed prominent families to support artists, scientists, and philosophers spurring on new ideas and artistic movements. Florence is where the Renaissance first began.

What are three causes of the rise of Italian city states?

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  • Economic Revival- trade and a rising merchant class (crusades) – expansion of commerce in city states in the 11th and 12th centuries.
  • Geography – The italian peninsula formed a natural point of exchange between east and west.

How did Italy become rich?

Northern and Central Italy became prosperous in the late Middle Ages through the growth of international trade and the rise of the merchant class, who eventually gained almost complete control of the governments of the Italian city-states.

Who held the most power in the Italian city states?

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What is an appropriate label for the yellow line in this map What is an appropriate label for the yellow line in this map
Rome’s income was mostly provided by religious pilgrims and church business
Who held the most power in the Italian city-states? The wealthiest people

Which of these choices best describes Italy in the 15th century 5 points?

The correct answer is – a collection of small kingdoms and city-states. Italy, in the 15th century, was not a unified country, but instead, there were numerous small kingdoms and city states on its territory.

What did Italian city-states do that made them popular across Europe and Asia?

How did Italian city-states like Venice and Florence become major banking and trade centers? Their location made them a natural route for travel between Europe, Africa, and Asia. How was Naples different from the other Italian city-states?

Why did the Catholic Church express interest in the early exploration of the Americas?

Terms in this set (9) Why did the Catholic Church express interest in the exploration of foreign lands? The Catholic Church was interested in gaining new converts to the religion. It demonstrates that the Portuguese were hoping to profit from exploration.

Which Italian city-state had poor farmland?


Is Italy good for farming?

Agriculture is one of Italy’s key economic sectors, accounting for around 2.1% of GDP. The northern part of Italy produces primarily grains, soybeans, meat, and dairy products, while the south specializes in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wine, and durum wheat.

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