What did Lucas do to Denise Eastenders?

What did Lucas do to Denise Eastenders?

Adding to his reign of terror, Lucas tried to frame Denise (Diane Parish) for his crimes before kidnapping her and faking her suicide. Luckily, Denise managed to escape and call the police so he was eventually sent to prison.

What happens to Lucas in Eastenders?

EASTENDERS’ Don Gilet has revealed that his character Lucas Johnson is set to exit after being sent back to prison for drug dealing. The preacher turned murderer – who is played by Don Gilet in the BBC soap – got himself arrested this week to save Chelsea from drug dealer Caleb’s clutches.

How did Lucas kill Owen in Eastenders?

As Owen attempts to unlock the door, Lucas abruptly strangles him with his bow-tie – ultimately killing Owen as a result. Lucas then puts his body in the boot and later goes to bury him under Trina’s memorial tree.

Did Lucas Johnson die in EastEnders?

He accidentally killed her and hid her body. This wasn’t a one-off – he later saw red and strangled wife Denise’s ex-husband Owen with a bow tie and buried him in the Square….Lucas Johnson.

Fact title Fact data
First appearance: 3rd April 2008
Last appearance: 30th July 2010
Occupation: Preacher

Who was Saskia in EastEnders?

Deborah Sheridan-Taylor

Who did Lucas kill in EastEnders?

Owen Turner

Is Ruby really pregnant in Eastenders?

EASTENDERS’ Ruby Allen suffers from a heartbreaking miscarriage for a second time after falling pregnant again. The nightclub owner – played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap – sadly lost her unborn baby earlier this year.

Is Kat with Kush?

KAT Slater decides to leave Walford for good next week in EastEnders after Kush hands himself into the police. Kat – who is played by actress Jessie Wallace in the BBC soap – decided to do a runner with Kush after he ruined Phil Mitchell’s car heist.

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