What did Paulsen learn from his contact with the bear?

What did Paulsen learn from his contact with the bear?

The first lesson he learns is to not lose his temper at a bear or any wild animal that could easily kill him. Gary reports that he is already having a bad day when Scarhead comes up from the south, following the smell of the burning trash.

What happens in chapter 2 of woodsong?

In Chapter 2 of Woodsong, Gary Paulsen gives his sled dogs dried food, and this causes one of the dogs to spray blood. He realizes after this event that he wants to learn all he can about dogs and about running a team.

What happened in Chapter 1 of woodsong?

Part 1, Chapters 1-2 Summary Suddenly, a white-tailed doe exploded from the woods, chased by a wolf pack. She raced onto a lake’s thin ice and fell through. Although she recovered, the wolves were on her, and Paulsen, watching helplessly, was witness to her horrific death.

What are the names of the dogs in woodsong?

Though we don’t learn the names of the friends, we learn that the dogs’ names were Storm, Yogi, Obeah, and Columbia. Storm was the lead dog of his first team and one dog that impacted Paulsen the most.

Who is the narrator of woodsong?

Gary Paulsen

What is the falling action of woodsong?

At the end of the story you realizes that these dogs that Gary Paulsen has are changing his life because it gives some information that he looked up about the dogs. For example: . Paulsen had seen many animals escape death, but not… die and get caught,(taken from chapter 1).

How did storm die woodsong?

This was a symbol used by Storm to communicate with the author during runs showing that everything was alright. He died with a stick in his mouth. Storm liked to play tricks on Paulsen, he buried his hat, stole some booties, buried the snow hook and blew air into dogs ears nearby on the run.

What qualities make storms special?

Storm (Marvel Comics)

Abilities Expert tactician and thief Psionic ability to manipulate weather patterns over vast area Control atmospheric pressure Temperature modification Ecological empathy Flight Lightning manipulation Immunity to lightning Limited immunity to extreme cold and heat Aerial adaptation

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