What did the men in the night do to Mr Tatum and why?

What did the men in the night do to Mr Tatum and why?

Tatum for more than he owes. Since Mr. Tatum disagrees with Mr. Barnett and accuses him of lying, the white men punish him by pouring tar on him and covering him with feathers.

Who was Mr Tatum?

Art Tatum
Birth name Arthur Tatum Jr.
Born October 13, 1909 Toledo, Ohio, U.S.
Died November 5, 1956 (aged 47) Los Angeles, California
Genres Jazz, stride

What happened in Chapter 5 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Chapter Five Summary. Cassie and her siblings have always wanted to go to the Strawberry market with Big Ma. She finally relents and allows Cassie, Stacey and their friend T.J. to go with her while she sells some goods. Big Ma drives the wagon to the stalls where the market takes place, and parks in the back.

What happens when Mr Barnett is filling TJ’s order?

Barnett returns to T.J.’s order. This time, he gets interrupted by a little white girl buying pork chops. Cassie gets really mad (and really, who could blame her?), and thinks it’s just completely ridiculous for Mr. Barnett to help another child before T.J.

What happened in Chapter 7 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Chapter Seven. Mama asks Stacey to bring her his new coat from Uncle Hammer so she can hem it for him, but he has given it away to his friend T.J. Mama is furious and wants him to get the coat, but Uncle Hammer wants Stacey to learn a lesson. If he is ignorant enough to give the coat away, then he does not deserve it.

What is Mr Granger’s true reason for visiting the Logan family in Chapter 7?

He wants to get at the Logan family anyway he can, in order to stop the shopping in Vicksburg. He also wants the Logan land very much. The Logan’s took out a loan from the local bank in order to buy their land.

Why did TJ get so upset with Mrs Logan?

He is driven by his own need for acceptance and approval. This leads him to campaign against Mrs. Logan, not because she is ineffective as a teacher or dangerous in any way, but because she failed him twice in her class. He resents the grade and gets revenge on her to make himself feel better.

What bad news did Mr Morrison bring from strawberry?

what bad news does he get? They have to borrow money from Uncle Hammer to help pay off the mortgage, and their credit is no longer good in Strawberry.

What age should read Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?


What happened in chapter 9 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

It’s now spring, and Cassie tries to get out of going to school by offering to help her father with the farm. Jeremy Simms is sad that he won’t see the Logan kids for a while, since their school lets out in March, while the white kids’ school goes until mid-May. He also lets slip that his brothers, R.W.

What happened in chapter 11 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Cassie wakes up in the middle of the night when she hears a tapping on the back porch. She knows Mr. Morrison is out front keeping watch for the Wallaces, as he has been every night since the attack on Papa.

Why did Mr Jamison make an unexpected visit to the Logan’s house in chapter 9 Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

In the book Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, Mr Jamieson, a white lawyer who is sympathetic to the black families in the south, comes to David Logan to warn him about tensions rising in town due to the boycott of the Wallace store which was run by the racist and violent Wallace brothers.

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