What did the Warriors get for Monta Ellis?

What did the Warriors get for Monta Ellis?

Milwaukee Bucks

Why did Monta Ellis leave the Warriors?

Ellis knew that a change needed to be made with the team. He said that he did not believe the Warriors could win with the two of them playing on the same team. The Warriors saw Curry as the future of the team, so a decision had to be made. During the 2011-12 season, the Warriors traded Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks.

When was Monta Ellis traded from the Warriors?

It was one of the most important trades in NBA history even if nobody knew it in the moment. March 13, 2012: Warriors receive: Andrew Bogut, Stephen Jackson. Bucks receive: Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown, Ekpe Udoh.

Who traded Monta Ellis?

Who did Warriors trade for?

Golden State traded guard Brad Wanamaker to the Hornets for cash considerations, and center Marquese Chriss and cash to the Spurs for the rights to center Cady Lalanne, according to league sources. Those moves were made to clear two roster spots in case the Warriors acquire anyone on the upcoming buyout market.

What pick was Curry in the draft?

2009 (Round: 1 / Pick: 7)

What was the worst draft class in NBA history?

The 2000 draft is considered one of the worst in NBA history….

2000 NBA draft
General information
First selection Kenyon Martin (New Jersey Nets)
2001 →

What is top 3 protected?

The pick is top-three protected in 2021, meaning the Timberwolves keep it if they earn a top-three pick. If their pick falls outside of the top three, however, it goes to the Warriors. If Golden State doesn’t get Minnesota’s pick this season, it becomes unprotected in 2022.

What does top 5 protected mean in NBA?

what is a protected pick? r/nba – basically, if the draft pick for example ends up being in the top 5 of the 1st round due to the draft lottery, then the team trading away the pick instead keeps it and gives up one the next year.

How many picks do the Warriors have in 2021?

14 picks

What is a top 3 protected pick in NBA?

For example, in the Cousins trade, the first round pick that the Pelicans are sending to the Kings is “top three protected” – i.e. if the Pelicans end up with any of the first, second or third pick in the draft, then they keep their 2017 pick and the process starts again with their 2018 first round pick.

Do you want swap best vs swap worst?

Trade Swap: Best is a term that is usually used in sync with the Trade Swap: Worst. It means that if Team A has decides to trade swap their best for Team B’s worst, they get the better pick.

Who has the most draft picks in 2020 NBA?

Minnesota Timberwolves

Is the Bulls 2021 draft pick protected?

The Bulls acquired Nikola Vucevic and Al-Farouq Aminu from the Magic in exchange for Wendell Carter Jr., Otto Porter Jr. and two first-round picks in 2021 and 2023. The Magic receive the pick if it lands outside the top 4, otherwise the Bulls retain the rights to the pick.

What pick did the Bulls get 2021?


Do the Bulls have a 2021 first-round pick?

Bulls run out of lottery luck, lose 1st-round pick to Magic At the 2021 lottery, the Bulls failed to cash a 20.3 percent chance of jumping into the top four of July’s draft. Their pick landed eighth and will thus convey to the Orlando Magic as part of the Nikola Vučević trade.

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