What do green and white symbolize on the Franco-Ontarian flag?

What do green and white symbolize on the Franco-Ontarian flag?

The green represents the summer months, while the white represents the winter months. The trillium is the floral symbol of Ontario, while the fleur-de-lys represents the French Canadian heritage of the Franco-Ontarian community.

When was the Franco-Ontarian flag created?


Who sewed the Franco Ontarien flag?

When the Franco-Ontarian flag was raised for the first time at the University of Sudbury on September 25, 1975, its two designers, Michel Dupuis and Gaétan Gervais, preferred to remain anonymous.

What is Journee Franco Ontarien?

Franco-Ontarians (French: Franco-Ontariens or Franco-Ontariennes if female) are French Canadians from the province of Ontario, or francophone Canadians that reside in the province. They are sometimes also known in French as Ontarois and Ontaroise.

What Colour pastries do they eat on Franco-Ontarian Day?

Like many events in 2020, Franco-Ontarian Day will be a little different. This year’s celebration will be virtual, but we hope you can take part and wear the emblematic colours white and green!

What do Franco Ontarians eat?

Several food dishes that originate from the traditional French Canadian cooking are now mainstream cuisine items, including tourtière (meat pie), poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy).

Why are there so many French people in northern Ontario?

The Impact of Industry During construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the late 19th century,nickel was discovered in Sudbury and gold in Timmins. This drew many French Canadians to Northern Ontario. Between 1861 and 1901, Toronto’s French-speaking population grew from 500 to 3,000.

Where do most Francophones live in Ontario?

Eastern Ontario

Does Ontario have a flag?

The flag of Ontario is the provincial flag of Ontario, Canada. It is a defaced Red Ensign, with the Royal Union Flag in the canton and the Ontario shield of arms in the fly.

Who was responsible for the new flag of Ontario?

Lester Pearson’s preferred choice for a new flag was nicknamed “the Pearson Pennant”. Pearson’s first design featured the three maple leaves on a white background, with vertical blue bars to either side.

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