What do I need to know about traveling to Zimbabwe?

What do I need to know about traveling to Zimbabwe?

Guests visiting Zimbabwe must be in possession of a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel. Passports should have two blank pages available. Visitors who intend travelling to Zimbabwe’s neighbouring countries and back are advised to apply for multiple entry visas.

Is it safe to travel in Zimbabwe today?

Zimbabwe – Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution Exercise increased caution in Zimbabwe due to COVID-19, crime and civil unrest. Visit the Embassy’s COVID-19 page for more information on COVID-19 related restrictions and conditions in Zimbabwe. Violent crime, such as assault, carjacking, and home invasion, is common.

How do you greet in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean Culture

  1. Greet anyone older than yourself first.
  2. The common greeting is a firm handshake with the right hand.
  3. The traditional greeting involves a clap after the handshake.
  4. Women may lower their body briefly, kneel or curtsy whilst shaking hands out of respect.

How do you say good morning in Zimbabwe?

A collection of useful phrases in Shona, a Bantu language spoken mainly in Zimbabwe….Useful Shona phrases.

English chiShona (Shona)
Good morning (Morning greeting) Mangwanani Mangwanani, marara sei? (reply)

How do you say goodnight in Zimbabwe?

English: Goodbye. Shona: Chisarai zvakanaka….How do you say goodnight in Zimbabwe?

English chiShona (Shona)
Good night Urare zvakanaka (sg) Murare Zvakanaka (pl)
Goodbye (Parting phrases) Sara Zvakanaka (sg) Sariayi Zvakanaka (pl)

How do you say I love you in Shona Zimbabwe?

Try these other romantic phrases and terms of endearment including how to say ‘I miss you’ in Shona….Romantic Phrases & Terms of Endearment in Shona.

I love you so much Ndinokudisisa
I love you with all my heart Ndinokuda nemoyo wangu wese
I miss you Ndakusuwa

Did you sleep well in Tsonga?

= I feel sleepy. 27. U etlela kahle. = Sleep well.

What’s wrong in xitsonga?

Wrong is an English word meaning “Hoxeka” in Xitsonga. Wrong —adj. – Mistaken; not true; in error. – Unsuitable; less or least desirable (the wrong road; a wrong decision).

What does Tsonga mean in English?

Tsonga. / (ˈtsɒŋɡə) / noun. plural -ga or -gas a member of a Negroid people of S Mozambique, Swaziland, and South Africa.

What are you eating in Tsonga?

Eat is an English word meaning “Dyana” in Xitsonga. Eat —v. C devour (eaten by a lion). …

Where do you come from in Tsonga?

Who is Tsonga then? The Tsonga tribe originates from East Africa; we are a tribe without a king. We moved down to the south of Africa, namely Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. We grew our tribe through assimilating other tribes such as Vakalanga (Valoyi), Ndlovu and the Shangaans to name a few.

What is a person in Tsonga?

Man is an English word meaning “Wanuna” in Xitsonga.

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