What does a 2008 Honda Element weigh?

What does a 2008 Honda Element weigh?

3661 lbs.

What does a Honda Element weigh?

Honda Element

Honda Element (YH1/2)
Height 1,788 mm (70.4 in) 1,765 mm (69.5 in) (SC)
Curb weight 1,510–1,652 kg (3,330–3,641 lb)
Successor Honda HR-V (second generation)

What motor is in a 2008 Honda Element?

2.4 L 4-cylinder

Is the Honda Element SC all wheel drive?

The Honda Element lineup includes LX, EX and SC (for “Street Custom”) variants. The LX and EX come with front- or all-wheel drive, while the SC comes only with front-wheel drive.

What is the difference between Honda Element SC and ex?

EX : water resistant seating, rubber floor coverings, optional center console, cords on the seatbacks. SC : carpet from backseats forward, center console, shiny interior trim, 30% stiffer springs, larger rear anti-swaybar, 3/4″ lower, 18″ wheels, all other obvious exterior trimmings.

How long will a Honda Element last?

The Honda Element is as reliable as any other Honda In fact, it’s not uncommon to read about owners reaching over 300,000 miles on their Elements without doing many large repairs in addition to simple maintenance.

Why did Honda stop making element?

Honda came to the realization that it made a miscalculation by designing a niche vehicle and cut its losses after eight years of dwindling sales. And the automaker didn’t anticipate that the Element’s targeted buyers didn’t have the money to buy it.

Is the Honda Element good off road?

And while many Jeep and truck applications used this method as well, it’s not the most ideal way to go, especially if you’re looking to do some serious off-roading. However, the Honda Element isn’t really meant to do any serious rock crawling, so the available kits should work well for mild overlanding.

Can a Honda Element pull a camper?

Per Honda, the max towing capacity for the Element is 1500 LBS, the max tongue weight is 150 LBS, and any trailer over 1000 LBS needs to be equipped with brakes.

What does the SC stand for on Honda Element?

For them, there is a new, sleeker model, the Element SC. “SC” doesn’t stand for “supercharged,” but “street custom,” which adds 10 features not found on the old-folks Element.

How much is a 2021 Honda Element?

Honda Element 2021 Price Release The crossover will offer a number of unique features and precise updates. So, estimate the initial price will be in the range between $20,000 and $25,000 for the base model. However, with more equipment and additional packages, the higher trim will be over $30,000.

What campers can a Honda Element tow?

Honda CRVs can only tow light campers such as teardrop trailers, stand-up trailers, and pop-up trailers. Each one has the same towing capacity, but it’s good for owners to know the base weight of their vehicle before they look into choosing a camper .

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