What does aunt Alexandra say to scout about being a lady?

What does aunt Alexandra say to scout about being a lady?

In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra tells Scout Finch to act like a lady and wear a dress so she can “be a ray of sunshine in [her] father’s lonely life.” Scout does not respond positively: she retorts that she can “be a ray of sunshine in pants just as well” (89).

What is Aunt Alexandra view of femininity?

Aunt Alexandra wishes Scout would act like a proper Southern lady and not behave like a “tomboy.” Alexandra believes a female should wear dresses, engage in social activities, and remain indoors. She also believes a lady should have an understanding of her heritage and not participate in physical activities.

What is Scout’s view of femininity?

One of the lesser discussed themes, however, is femininity. In the beginning of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is determined to embrace her tomboy side for a great deal of time as she grows up, fearing any type of femininity. She seems defiant and set against maturing into a beautiful young woman.

How does Aunt Alexandra’s repetition of the metaphor help establish Scout’s tone and indicate her feelings about Alexandra’s attempt to influence her?

How does her repetition of the metaphor help establish her tone and indicate her feelings about Alexandra’s attempt to influence her? She must be a ray of sunshine. Scout is sassy and won’t be pushed around. She feels that it hurts her feelings but she’s strong about it.

Why is Mrs Dubose angry with Jem?

Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose’s flowers because he is angry that she called his father names and he was punished by having to read to her. When Jem attacked Mrs. Dubose’s flowers, he was reacting to her racism and the town’s.

Why is Mrs Dubose so sick?

Why is Mrs. Dubose so sick? Because of her Morphine Addiction.

What was wrong with Mrs Dubose?

One evening, Atticus receives a telephone call and is summoned to Mrs Dubose,s house. He returns, informing the children that Mrs Dubose just died. He explains that she had been ill for quite some time and that she had been a morphine addict. She had taken it for years but had insisted that she was “.

What disease does Mrs Dubose have?

Dubose was a morphine addict. Her fits were a result of the withdrawal. She knew she didn’t have much time, and she was determined to kick the habit before she died. She had Jem come over to read to her to help keep her mind off of it.

Why is Mrs Dubose the bravest person?

Mrs Dubose was determined to die without needing to rely on morphine. She achieved this but her success is tinged with sadness because she died before she could properly enjoy being morphine free. Atticus believes this makes her even more courageous.

Why is scout so angry with Uncle Jack?

Jack spanks Scout because she beats up Aunt Alexandra’s grandson for calling Atticus a cruel name. As a result, Uncle Jack spanks Scout without hearing her reason for acting so violently. He has warned Scout not to fight with people if they talk badly about him.

What does Mrs Dubose symbolize?

Mrs. Dubose symbolizes the grit and determination of a woman, who though aware of the fact that she is going to die soon, wants to do so with all her wits about her. Her addiction to morphine is a negative factor and she attempts to overcome it appreciably.

What did Mrs Dubose vow to do before she died?

What did Mrs. Dubose vow to do before she died? She vowed that she would wain herself off of the morphine addiction.

Why does Atticus say Mrs Dubose was a courageous woman?

Atticus calls Mrs. Dubose courageous because she knew that withdrawing from morphine would mean suffering. This parallels to Atticus’ defense in the trial, which is described as being “licked before you begin.”

How does Mrs Dubose show courage?

Dubose is found in chapter 11 of To Kill a Mockingbird. The three ways that she demonstrates courage are: by facing the world alone and sick for a very long time; by deciding at her old age to conquer a drug addiction; and by achieving her goal to die free from said addiction. For many years, Mrs.

Who does Atticus think is the most courageous person he has ever known?

Mrs. Dubose

Why is Aunt Alexandra so critical of Scout?

Aunt Alexandra wants Scout to be more lady-like and thinks that because she is a Finch, she should start acting like it. She is very concerned that Atticus doesn’t care how Scout is acting. Aunt Alexandra wants Scout to become a woman of society and Atticus is not raising her that way.

How does Aunt Alexandra impact Scout?

Lesson Summary Aunt Alexandra does her best to convert Scout from her boyish ways and enforces ladylike behavior and attire. She also impresses upon Scout the importance of family breeding and the status of the Finch family in Maycomb County.

Is Aunt Alexandra Atticus sister?

Alexandra Hancock (née Finch) is Atticus’ and Jack’s sister, married to James “Uncle Jimmy” Hancock. She has a son named Henry and a very spoiled grandson named Francis. Aunt Alexandra decides to leave her husband at the Finch family homestead, Finch’s Landing to come to stay with the Atticus.

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