What does CTSY LP mean?

What does CTSY LP mean?

The CTSY fuse supplies power to the radio for the clock and memory. Try unplugging the connector at the radio. Check the door switches for broken/shorted connectors. Don’t forget to check the mirror vanity lights and the glove box light. The headlight switch also controls the courtesy lights, check to see if it’s OK.

What is rap fuse?

I pulled the RAP fuse and it stopped, anyone know what this fuse does or what could be causing the draw??? RAP stands for Retained Accessory Power. It is the circuit responsible for powering accessories when the key is off. Sounds like something is staying on that shouldn’t.

What is a radio battery fuse?

In the instrument panel fuse block there should be a fuse labeled RDO/INT LP. that is the radio and interior lamp fuse. If you have a factory stereo with a factory amp there will also be a fuse labeled AMP in the same fuse lock.

What is a rap #1 fuse?

The retained accessory power (RAP) system allows specific vehicle functions to operate for a specific amount of time after the ignition switch is turned OFF. The BCM monitors the ignition switch position, battery condition, and each door open/closed status to determine whether RAP should be initiated or terminated.

What is a SEO fuse?

One of the most commonly used is the SEO ACCY circuit, which according to the manual is “not used”. This offers an easily accessible 12v ignition switched source. The SEO ACCY fuse is located in the instrument panel fuse block.

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