What does cumin seeds mean?

What does cumin seeds mean?

Cumin is a small, slender annual herb of the carrot family, cultivated in the Mediterranean region, India, China, and Mexico. Its seeds, which are actually dried fruits, are used in many mixed spices, chutneys, and chili and curry powders.

What is another name for cumin seeds?

Other Name(s): Anis Âcre, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Comino, Cumin de Malte, Cuminum cyminum, Cuminum odorum, Cummin, Huile de Graines de Cumin Noir, Jeeraka, Svetajiraka, Zira.

Is cumin and Jeera the same?

Jeera and Cumin seeds are same, just that Jeera is the Hindi word for Cumin seeds (which is English). Jeera is used in Indian cooking lot as it is very beneficial, It aids digestion and is a very good source of Iron.

What is Jeera called?

Cumin Seeds

Where is Jeera used?

From its varied uses below are 20 usages of Jeera:

  1. 1 Dal Tadka. Tadka or chaunk is the process of moderating the spices and fried in oil where the spices release their aroma and taste.
  2. 2 Jeera rice.
  3. 3 Chicken jeera.
  4. 4 Masala Dahi.
  5. 5 PaniPuri water.
  6. 6 Raita.
  7. 7 Rasam.
  8. 8 Stir fried cabbage with Jeera.

How many types of jeera are there?

Three varieties of cumin, cumin (C. cyminum), black cumin (Nigella sativa), and bitter cumin (Cuminum nigrum), were investigated.

Which jeera is best?

Bestsellers in Cumin

  1. #1. Catch Jeera Powder, Pouch, 100g.
  2. #2. Vedaka Whole Jeera (Cumin), 200g.
  3. #3. Vedaka Whole Jeera (Cumin), 100g.
  4. #4. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Whole Cumin, 500g.
  5. #5. More Superior Cumin (Jeera), 200g Pouch.
  6. #6. Amazon Brand – Vedaka Spice combo – Cumin Seeds (Jeera), Mustard Seeds (Rai) Big,…
  7. #7.
  8. #8.

Is ajwain and jeera same?

Both carrom (Ajwain) and cumin (jeera) seeds belong to the same family and are commonly available in every Indian kitchen. They are widely used in curries to enhance the flavour of the food.

What is the price of C * * * * seed?

Questions & Answers on Cumin Seeds

Packaging Size Min Price Max Price
100g Rs 165/Kg Rs 240/Kg
50g Rs 180/Kg Rs 200/Kg

What is the price of 1 kg Jeera?

Sarthi Jeera Whole (1 kg)

M.R.P.: ₹ 295.00
Price: ₹ 214.00 (₹ 21.40 / 100 g)
You Save: ₹ 81.00 (27%)
Inclusive of all taxes

What is the rate of ajwain?

Questions & Answers on Ajwain

Packaging Size Available Min Price Max Price
20 Kg Rs 160/Kg Rs 200/Kg
5 Kg Rs 70/Kg Rs 225/Kg
50 Kg Rs 190/Kg Rs 190/Kg

What are the benefits of cumin seeds?


  • Contains antioxidants. Cumin seeds contain naturally occurring substances that work as antioxidants.
  • Has anticancer properties.
  • May help treat diarrhea.
  • Helps control blood sugar.
  • Fights bacteria and parasites.
  • Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • May help lower cholesterol.
  • Aids in weight loss.

Is cumin seeds heat for body?

Cumin seeds : A spice highly used in vegetable curry, soup not only enhances taste and aroma but also cools off the body. Ground cumin or whole cumin seeds helps in detoxification and also relieve excessive gas and bloating.

What are the side effects of cumin seeds?

Do you know about these 5 side effects of cumin seeds?

  • 01/6Side effects of cumin seeds. Cumin seeds, better known as “jeera”, is a popular spice used extensively for Indian food.
  • 02/6​Heartburn.
  • 03/6​Liver damage.
  • 04/6​Belching.
  • 05/6​Narcotic effect.
  • 06/6​Low blood sugar levels.

When should I use cumin seeds?

Cumin is an essential spice for Indian curries and chutneys. The spice also works well in a variety of rice dishes, stews, soups, breads, pickles, barbecue sauces, and chili con carne recipes. It is best to be conservative when cooking with cumin as its flavor can easily overtake a dish. You can always add more later.

Can we eat raw cumin seeds?

Popular Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds Cumin seeds not only add taste to food but also are very beneficial for body. – For immediate relief from acidity, chew a pinch-full of raw cumin seeds.

What food is cumin used in?

Not only is it probably in your favorite chili recipe, it’s a key ingredient in Indian curries, Middle Eastern specialties such as hummus, and Mexican dishes like fajitas. Cumin is a delicious match for meat, especially beef and pork, but it can also give vegetarian dishes more depth and complexity.

How long do you boil cumin seeds?


  1. Put the cumin seeds in a vessel. Heat them for about 5-6 seconds over low flame.
  2. Pour water on top of the cumin seeds and bring it to boil.
  3. Cover the vessel with a lid; let it rest for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Strain and serve in a cup. If you wish, you can add a tinge of honey to spruce up your tea.

Can I drink cumin water everyday?

Cumin water is generally good for health and does not have any side effects, except when consumed in excess. Drinking too much cumin water in a day may lead to heartburn, heavy menstrual bleeding and low blood sugar. Consult your doctor before drinking cumin water for losing weight.

Is Cumin good in tea?

The health benefits of cumin are tremendous and it can be enjoyed by drinking a cup of cumin tea daily. In India drinking cumin tea is one of the herbal ways to treat cold. Cumin is a detoxifier, an expectorant, and a very good cure for insomnia.

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