What does it mean to win by a neck?

What does it mean to win by a neck?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English by a neckinformal if a race, especially a horse race, is won by a neck, the winner is only a very short distance in front Our horse won by a neck.

What is the meaning of neck by neck?

When two people or things are neck and neck, they are so close or similar that it’s impossible to tell who’s better or winning. A neck and neck race is too close to call. If two baseball teams are tied, they’re in a neck and neck race for best in the division.

What is the definition of win or lose?

: whether one succeeds or fails Win or lose, we’ll give it our best effort.

Where does the term neck and neck come from?

So close that the advantage or lead shifts from one to the other or is virtually indistinguishable, as in The two are neck and neck in developing a new operating system for the computer. The term comes from horse racing, where the necks of two horses in competition appear to be side by side.

Where does the term neck come from?

In Bill Bryson’s “Made in America”, the claim is made that the origin of “neck” is the Algonquian word “naiack” meaning “point, corner”, Algonquian being the name for a North American native language (and indeed language group). This at least fits with other sources recording its first use as in the USA.

Is neck a common noun?

neck used as a noun: the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals. the part of a shirt, dress etc., which fits a person’s neck. the tapered part of a bottle toward the opening.

Is neck a noun or a verb?

neck noun [C] (BODY PART) the part of the body that joins the head to the shoulders: She rubbed her neck. The neck of a piece of clothing is the part that goes around a person’s neck: His shirt was open at the neck.

Which kind of noun is neck?

countable noun [usually poss NOUN] Your neck is the part of your body which joins your head to the rest of your body. She threw her arms round his neck and hugged him warmly. He was short and stocky, and had a thick neck. Synonyms: nape More Synonyms of neck.

What neck means?

1 : the part of the body between the head and the shoulders. 2 : the section of a garment covering or nearest to the part connecting the head with the body. 3 : something that is long and narrow or that connects two larger parts a neck of land the neck of a bottle.

What is the medical term for neck?

Cervical Spine

What does Neck yourself mean?

Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition of Neck yourself : Australian slang: go hang yourself; implying that they should tie something around their necks. Pretty much a way of saying kill yourself.

What is a Meck?

meck n. (slang) A complicated situation or occurrence.

Is Meck a word?

meck n. (Scotland) Alternative form of make (“halfpenny”).

Is Feck a word?

“Feck” (occasionally spelled “fek” or “feic”) is a word that has several vernacular meanings and variations in Irish English, Scots, and Middle English.

What is Mech short for?


Acronym Definition
MECH Mechanism
MECH Mechanic(al/ist/anized)
MECH More Efficient Call Handling
MECH Mechanicsburg, PA

What qualifies as a mech?

A mech or mecha is a large, pilotable robot.

What is full form of mech?

The Full form of MECH is Mechanical, or MECH stands for Mechanical, or the full name of given abbreviation is Mechanical.

What is a mech game?

While mech games span genres, they are bound together by the simple truth that piloting suits of mechanized armor into combat is a fantasy that never gets old. It’s an aesthetic that dates back decades to the very first MechWarrior in 1989 and now lives on in newer games like Titanfall 2 and Brigador.

What was the first giant robot anime?

Mazinger Z

Are mech suits real?

Giant mech suits are normally something you’d see in science fiction or the movies: Think of the Power Loader in Aliens. Prosthesis is ready to change all that. It’s a real-life, powered exoskeleton with a human at the controls — and it’s ready to race.

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