What does MFL stand for in slang?

What does MFL stand for in slang?

MFL stands for “marked for later.” Originating from online forums, the phrase was and is used to mark a post or thread for later viewing. Woah, this is way too NSFW, better MFL if you’re at work.

What is MFS stand for?


Acronym Definition
MFS Monthly Financial Statement (various organizations)
MFS Mediterranean Forecasting System
MFS Multi-Function Security (software)
MFS Message Format Service

What does PC stand for in slang?

acronym for “politically correct.”

What does F’s mean in text?

What Does FS Mean? The acronym “FS” is used to represent the phrase “for sure.” The phrase is used to express confidence in something or someone. Origin of FS. The phrase “for sure” was derived from the word “sure.”

What does 5F mean?

Rating. 5F. Faith,Family,Friends,Flamboyant & Flavored.

What does ight FS mean?


What does Igz mean?


Acronym Definition
IGZ Internet Gaming Zone (video game forum)
IGZ International Gaming Zones
IGZ Isolated Ground Zone
IGZ Intermediate Gray Zone (neurology)

What does IHS mean in Snapchat?

I Hope So

What does ight mean on Snapchat?

IGHT means “Alright.” The abbreviation IGHT is a contraction of the word “Alright”, used to indicate assent, agreement or that everything is okay.

What does BTQ mean on Instagram?

What does BTQ stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
BTQ Ballati Tutti Quanti (Italian music group)
BTQ Begging The Question
BTQ Beat to Quarters
BTQ Bright Turquoise

What does BTQ mean in banking?

boutique investment bank

What does BTW mean?

By the way

What is BTQ tourism?

BTQ. Basic Travel Quota. Travel, Travelling, Tourism.

What does BBB mean?

BBB means “Bored Beyond Belief,” “Bugging Beyond Belief,” “Bullsh*t Baffles Brains” and “Better Business Bureau.”

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