What does Stradlater think of the essay Holden wrote for him?

What does Stradlater think of the essay Holden wrote for him?

What does Stradlater think of the essay Holden wrote for him? He’s angry that it’s written in rhymes. He’s moved to tears by it. He hates it and complains that it’s about the wrong subject.

Why does Holden attack Stradlater?

Holden and Stradlater fight because Stradlater has had a date with Jane Gallagher. Holden annoys Stradlater by writing the composition about a baseball glove rather than about a room or house, as Stradlater had asked him. Holden then tears up the composition in anger, and they get into a fight.

What does Holden keep calling Stradlater How does Stradlater react?

Holden tore up the composition and threw it away because Stradlater was being ungrateful. He complained that it was written about a baseball glove instead of a room or a house. Holden was upset with Stradlater because he wouldn’t tell him about his date with Jane. You just studied 22 terms!

What does Holden do after Stradlater punches him and leaves?

After Stradlater leaves, Holden puts on his red hunting hat and looks at his face in the mirror, thinking that the blood on his face makes him look tough, though he thinks of himself as a “pacifist.” He then decides to go into Ackley’s room because he’s certain that the commotion must have woken him up, and he doesn’t …

Why does Holden say he is a pacifist?

Holden says that he is a “pacifist”. What is that, and is he? A pacifist is someone who doesn’t use violence to solve problems; Holden is the opposite because as soon as he begins to get angry, he throws the first blow.

Why does Holden spend so much time with Ackley if he can’t stand him?

He spends a lot of time talking to Ackley because he feels lonely and has no one else to talk to. After he has a falling out with his roommate Stradlater, he doesn’t want to stay in their room. Although Holden doesn’t say so, Ackley is another lonely boy.

Who is Mr Spencer and why does Holden visit him?

Mr. Spencer is Holden’s history teacher; Holden visits him because he is saying goodbye. 2.

What does Mr Spencer want to speak with Holden about?

Mr. Spencer speaks frankly with Holden about his poor academic performance. Holden takes Mr. Spencer’s speech in stride, but internally he rails against his teacher’s insistence that “Life is a game” and that he must learn to follow the rules.

What is the difference between how Holden and Spencer feel?

Mr. Spencer has the distinction of being the only teacher at Pencey Prep that Holden actually likes. Spencer genuinely cares about Holden and only wants what’s best for him, but Holden doesn’t see that; he just sees yet another authority figure on his case.

Who does Holden call when he is really drunk?

Summary: Chapter 20 After Luce leaves, Holden stays at the bar and gets very drunk. He stumbles to the phone booth and makes an incoherent late-night call to Sally Hayes, angering both her and her grandmother.

What is the one thing Holden tells Phoebe he likes?

After remembering the death of this young boy, the only thing Holden can think to tell Phoebe he likes is “Allie.” His mind is increasingly preoccupied with childhood and childhood death; he thinks to call Mr. Antolini when he remembers the teacher picking up James Castle’s broken body in his coat.

Who does Holden call at the beginning of Chapter 23?

Mr. Antolini

Why did Holden cry in Chapter 14?

Standing his ground, Holden refuses to pay Maurice more money, so Maurice pins him while Sunny takes his wallet. At this point, Holden begins to cry and accuses Sunny and Maurice of stealing from him, so Maurice pushes him. Furious, Holden calls him a “dirty moron,” prompting Maurice to punch him in the stomach.

Who comes to Holden’s door when he is in bed?


Who does Holden talk to when he feels depressed?


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