What does student paced mean on Nearpod?

What does student paced mean on Nearpod?

Nearpod allows the teacher to run “Live lessons,” which are teacher-paced, or “Student-paced.” When teachers select the “Live lesson,” they dictate what students see on their screens. When the teacher selects “Student-paced,” students can navigate through the multimedia, multimodality lesson at their own pace.

Can teachers draw on Nearpod?

8, you can add interactive tasks at any time as you’re teaching a lesson on Nearpod. These game-changing “On The Fly” options enable teachers to adjust their instruction in real time by adding content slides, open-ended questions, True/False questions, Draw It slides, or websites all with the quick click of a button!

What does draw it do in Nearpod?

The Draw It activity allows students to respond to a prompt with drawings, text, and images. You can upload a background image, or have students draw on a blank background.

How do I assign a Nearpod lesson?

Using the Nearpod LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) in Canvas

  1. Click plus symbol in the module section.
  2. Add new assignment and name it.
  3. Open the assignment and click edit.
  4. Change “submission type” to external tool.
  5. Click “find” and choose Nearpod.
  6. Select your desired lesson.

How do I add a folder to Nearpod?

Please name your Folder and hit “Create”. Next, you’ll be able to add lessons to your new folder via the dropdown or by going into your main library and dragging the lesson into it. You can also change the folder color.

How do I add questions on Nearpod?

Click on Add and select the type of feature you would like to add: A. When adding a Q&A, Quiz, or Poll, type your question into the question box, and then add all of the answer options. Indicate the correct answer by clicking on the check mark to the right of the answer.

Can you sort in Nearpod?

In this warm-up, students will classify and sort by shape and by color. They will also sort and count shapes in a Venn Diagram and order numbers up to 30.

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