What does the Constitution say about war?

What does the Constitution say about war?

Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8: Gives Congress the power to declare war and raise and support the armed forces.

How does the Constitution define equality?

ARTICLE 14- RIGHT TO EQUALITY: The Constitution of India codifies the fundamental rights- the basic human rights of its citizens which are defined in Part III of the Constitution. This means that every person, who lives within territory of India, has the equal right before the law. That equals will be treated equally.

What are the benefits of right to equality?

It is a human right and it is good for the economy.

  • Gender equality prevents violence against women and girls. Gender inequality is a root cause of violence against women.
  • Gender equality is good for the economy.
  • Gender equality is a human right.
  • Gender equality makes our communities safer and healthier.

How does equality affect the world?

In more equal countries, human beings are generally happier and healthier, there is less crime, more creativity and higher educational attainment. By spring 2017 it became clear that far more countries were becoming more economically equal than more unequal, putting the equality effect to work.

Why is the Citizenship Amendment Act bad?

Indian Muslims could be badly affected by CAA+NRC, because those Muslims who do not have the documents required to prove their citizenship in a nationwide NRC could be declared as illegal migrants and they would not be able to use CAA, like non-Muslim Indians perhaps could, to get citizenship by lying and claiming that …

Is citizenship a constitutional right?

The Indian constitution doesn’t prescribe a permanent provision relating to citizenship in India. Article 11 of the constitution confers power on the parliament to make laws regarding citizenship. The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955 was enacted in exercise of this provision.

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