What does the kit fox eat in the desert?

What does the kit fox eat in the desert?

In addition to nocturnal rodents, Kit foxes eat birds, reptiles, and even insects.

Do kit fox eat rattlesnakes?

Kit foxes are primarily carnivores, eating primarily rodents and rabbits. If food is scarce, they have been reported to eat tomatoes, cactus fruits, and other available fruits. They also will scavenge carrion and eat large insects, lizards, snakes, and ground-dwelling birds.

Do rattlesnakes come out at night?

Rattlesnakes are nocturnal, diurnal, and crepuscular. They’ll hunt, mate, explore, lay eggs, and more during the night. These snakes will then rest during the day, hiding in dens or in the shade. During the summer, rattlesnakes are nocturnal.

What should you do if you hear a rattlesnake?

If you hear a rattle or stumble across a rattlesnake right in front of you on trail, follow these three steps to avoid escalating the encounter into an emergency….If you encounter a rattlesnake on trail: freeze, listen, slowly retreat

  1. Freeze.
  2. Locate the source of the sound.
  3. Slowly move away from the snake.

Does vitamin K2 thicken or thin the blood?

One study showed that a single serving of natto rich in vitamin K2 altered measures of blood clotting for up to four days. This was a much larger effect than foods high in vitamin K1 ( 10 ).

Is K2 bad for heart?

Vitamin K2’s role in heart health Vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing calcium buildup in arteries around the heart. In the Rotterdam Study, scientists looked at the vitamin K1 and K2 intake of 4,807 Dutch women and men older than 55 over a 10-year period.

Can vitamin K2 remove plaque from arteries?

We don’t need Statins. I think vitamin K2 and vitamin C are reducing the plaque buildup in my arteries. A friend and I took Vitamin K2 as Mk7 for six months and then had a Calcium Score preformed at our local hospital radiology dept. We both saw significant drops in the score.

Can too much vitamin K cause blood clots?

Too Much Vitamin K As long as someone isn’t taking blood thinner medication, eating more of the vitamin doesn’t cause too much blood clotting or other dangerous conditions (2).

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