What does the Milgram experiment prove?

What does the Milgram experiment prove?

The Milgram experiment suggested that human beings are susceptible to obeying authority, but it also demonstrated that obedience is not inevitable.

What type of study was the Milgram experiment?

The Milgram Shock Experiment One of the most famous studies of obedience in psychology was carried out by Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University. He conducted an experiment focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience.

What did the Milgram experiment demonstrate quizlet?

1. Milgram found that people will obey orders to hurt another person.

Why is the Milgram experiment so important?

These experiments laid the foundation for understanding why seemingly decent people could be encouraged to do bad things. Blass states that Milgram’s obedience experiments are important because they provide a frame of reference for contemporary real-life instances of extreme, destructive obedience.

What was wrong with the Milgram experiment?

Many participants were visibly distressed and demonstrated signs of stress; trembling, sweating, nervous laugher, biting lips and digging fingernails into palms. It was further reported three participants had uncontrollable seizures during the study. The second ethical issue was the right to withdraw consent.

Why was the Milgram experiment considered unethical?

The experiment was deemed unethical, because the participants were led to believe that they were administering shocks to real people. The participants were unaware that the learner was an associate of Milgram’s. However, Milgram argued that deception was necessary to produce the desired outcomes of the experiment.

Can Milgram’s study be justified?

Milgram seeks to justify his means by writing: Misinformation is employed in the experiment; illusion is used when necessary in order to set the stage for the revelation of certain difficult-to- get-at truths; and these procedures are justified for one reason only: they are, in the end, accepted and endorsed by those …

What were the subjects in the Milgram experiment asked to do quizlet?

Milgram wanted to investigate whether Germans were particularly obedient to authority figures as this was a common explanation for the nazi killings in WW2. It is hypothesised that the teacher will obey the authroity figure and inflict pain on the learner.

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