What does the old woman ask for as a reward?

What does the old woman ask for as a reward?

Why does the old woman suddenly leap up and claim her reward in front of the queen? She wants the queen to know the knight had her help. The queen will reward her for her excellent wisdom. The knight will not be able back out on his promise.

What does the knight see before he sees the old woman?

Before he sees the old woman in the woods, the knight sees… The knight shows that he has learned what women want most when he… asks his wife to decide which form she will take. The old woman makes an eloquent philosophical argument about…

What does the Knight reply to the old lady’s two options on their wedding night?

What is the knight’s response to this request? The knight disagrees and does not want to go with the marriage. But he is forced by the Queen as the old hag made a petition for marriage.

What did the old lady ask of the knight in return for telling him the answer to the riddle?

The knight came across an old ugly lady that guarantees him his life will be saved. What does the old woman ask of the knight in return for supplying him the answer he seeks? She asked the knight to pledge himself to her in return for her help.

What question must the Knight answer to save his life?

He eventually turns to an ugly old witch who promises him the answer that will save his life if he will do the first thing she asks of him. The answer—that it is “maistrie,” or sovereignty over men, that women desire—is accepted in court, and the witch then demands that the knight marry her.

What does the Queen tell the knight he must do in order to save his life?

What must the knight do to save his life? To answer the question “What is the thing that women most desire?” To prove that a woman can’t keep a secret. Who finally provides the knight with the answer that he gives to the queen?

What crime does the Knight commit?


What is the most important quote from the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

That I ne sholde wedded be but onis. In modern English, what the Wife of Bath is saying here is that, according to traditional Christian teaching, widows should not remarry.

How does the wife use foreshadowing in lines 179 196?

In her prologue, in lines 179-196, she foreshadows the moral of her tale that she is about to tell. In these lines, she asserts that whatever she will tell, she will tell out of her experience from her five marriages. She tells a tale of a young Knight who rapes a young maiden.

What is the climax of the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

What is the Climax of the “Wife of Bath’s Tale”? Time has run out. The Knight must return to the Queen and provide an answer. Since the knight allowed his wife to choose and make the decision for herself she is transformed into a beautiful woman and they live happily ever after.

What is the conclusion of the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

The two have a long, happy marriage, and the woman becomes completely obedient to her husband. The Wife of Bath concludes with a plea that Jesus Christ send all women husbands who are young, meek, and fresh in bed, and the grace to outlive their husbands.

What is the Wife of Bath’s problem?

She says men can’t hold promises, don’t love her enough, and don’t let themselves be controlled by their wives. What made problems in the Wife of Bath’s fourth marriage? The problems she had was anger, jealousy, and he a mistress. Her fifth husband read tales about bad wives every night.

What is the resolution of the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

In The Wife of Bath’s Tale the dispute between the Knight and the Old woman is resolved. Their competing desires are reconciled by the magical transformation which allows the Old Woman to be a fair, young bride, l. 1250-6, and produces a consensual marriage.

What question does the old woman ask the knight after they are married in the Wife of Bath’s Tale?

What question does the old woman ask the knight after they are married in TWBT? Do you want me you and faithless or old and faithful? IN TWBT, while the kinght is returning to the castle, he sees young maidens dancing i the woods. When he rides up, he finds only the old woman.

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