What does TPA stand for?

What does TPA stand for?


What is TPA in capacity?

Tonnes Per Annum (TPA) is a unit of production rate.

What is a TPA agreement?

TPA Agreement means any contract, agreement, arrangement or understanding with or in respect of a third party administrator or other person that processes insurance claims.

What does do stand for in accounting?

DO Disbursement Order

What does R mean in accounting?

Understanding Accounts Receivable Accounts receivable refers to the outstanding invoices a company has or the money clients owe the company. Furthermore, accounts receivable are current assets, meaning the account balance is due from the debtor in one year or less.

What does C mean in accounting?


What does a C mean in business?

What does A/C stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
AC Account Current
AC Accountancy
AC Assembly Complete
AC Allis Chalmers (manufacturer of agriculture and industrial equipment)

What does AC mean in banking?

a/c (plural a/cs) Abbreviation of account. a cheque marked a/c payee may not be deposited in a bank account which does not belong to the named payee.

What is the short form of account?


What means account?

1 : a record of money received and money paid out. 2 : an arrangement with a bank to hold money and keep records of transactions. 3 : an arrangement for regular dealings with a business. 4 : an arrangement in which a person uses the Internet or e-mail services of a particular company.

How do you write current account in short form?

CA. Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Financial, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

What is the abbreviation for payment?


What is the abbreviation of transfer?


Acronym Definition
XFER Transfer

What is the abbreviation for refund?


What is the abbreviation for method?


Acronym Definition
meth methamphetamine
meth Method
meth Methodist
meth Methylene Chloride

What is the full form of method?

Method. Academic & Science ยป Mathematics. Rate it: meth. Method.

What is a synonym for method?

Synonyms of method

  • approach,
  • fashion,
  • form,
  • how,
  • manner,
  • methodology,
  • recipe,
  • strategy,

What is another word for best practice?

What is another word for best practice?

best method best policy
best way best course of action
best direction best approach
best bet best course
best manner best plan of attack

What is another name for scientific method?

What is another word for scientific method?

research cycle scientific methodology
methodology of science scientific analysis
scientific investigation scientific procedure
scientific research systematic investigation

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