What does unsteadily mean?

What does unsteadily mean?

not steady or firm; unstable; shaky: an unsteady hand. fluctuating or wavering: an unsteady flame; unsteady prices.

What’s another word for unsteady?

Unsteady Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unsteady?

unstable shaky
wobbly insecure
rocky tottering
precarious shaking
teetering unbalanced

What does falteringly mean?

When you do something in a hesitant, uncertain way, you act falteringly. If your math teacher asks you the answer to a problem you don’t understand, you’ll answer falteringly.

Is unsteady a synonym for uncertain?

Fluctuating; being in doubt; undetermined.

What is the meaning of unsteady light?

What does walking unsteadily mean?

hobble. verb. to walk slowly and with difficulty because your feet are sore or injured.

What can I say instead of walking?


  • stroll, saunter, amble, wend one’s way, trudge, plod, hike, tramp, trek, march, stride, troop, patrol, step out, wander, ramble, tread, prowl, footslog, promenade, roam, traipse.
  • stretch one’s legs, go for a walk, take the air.
  • advance, proceed, move, go, make one’s way.

What is a word for walking tiredly?

footsore walk step weary bushed pace foot beat ambulatory tread gait peripatetic footslogging knackered pedestrian waddle stride limp fatigue dead stumble dog-tired haggard.

What is a word for can’t walk?


How do you describe a weak walk?

limp: walk unevenly because one leg is hurt. That man is hurt, he’s limping. hobble: walk with difficulty. stagger: walk unsteadily as if about to fall.

What causes a person not to be able to walk?

Cuts, bruises, or bone fractures can temporarily make it difficult to walk. However, diseases that affect the legs, brain, nerves, or spine can cause walking abnormalities. The most common causes of walking abnormalities include: arthritis.

How do you say not moving?

  1. immobile,
  2. immotile,
  3. immovable,
  4. irremovable,
  5. nonmotile,
  6. unbudging,
  7. unmovable.

What’s a word for moving on?

What is another word for moving on?

advancing progressing
developing continuing
moving onward getting on
moving going
passing going ahead

What does not moving mean?

1 : not moving : stationary photographing a nonmoving subject. 2 : involving a motor vehicle that is not in motion a nonmoving traffic violation.

What do you call someone who doesn’t move?

To be paraplegic is to be unable to use the lower half of your body. People with this disability are called paraplegics. Paraplegic is a medical word for being paralyzed from the waist down. If you’re paraplegic, you can’t move your legs or anything below the waist, and you have no feeling in those areas either.

Who Cannot walk properly?

A person who cannot walk is called disabled or immobile.

What do you call someone who moves a lot?

vagabond Add to list Share. A vagabond is someone who moves around a lot. It’s from the Latin word vagabundus (from vagari, “wander”) which means “inclined to wander.” So — if you were born a ramblin’ man, you might just be a vagabond.

Who person Cannot walk?

A person who cannot walk is called immobile or disabled.

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