What fuse to use for fog lights?

What fuse to use for fog lights?

Splice a red wire from the headlight wire to the relay terminal “30.” This line needs a 10-amp inline fuse, so be sure and wire one in. The final terminal on the relay is numbered “87.” This terminal will carry power to the fog lights. The fog lights each have two wires, one for ground and one for the 12V power.

How do you install universal fog lights?

  1. Installing Wiring For Your New Fog Lights.
  2. Locate Your Vehicle’s Pass Through Hole In The Firewall Designed For Wires To.
  3. Connect Your Fog Light Switch.
  4. Synch Power For The Fog Lights To Your Ignition.
  5. Removing A Bumper Cover To Install Fog Lights.
  6. Cutting Holes In Your Bumper Cover To Mount New Fog Lights.

How much does it cost to add fog lights?

On average, installing new fog lights with a professional mechanic will cost anywhere from $150 to as much as $450. On a forum thread at PILOTEERS.org, forum members indicated that fog light installation could cost around $180 to $255.

What are fog lights on a car?

Fog lights are designed to be used at low speed in fog, heavy mist, snow and other poor-visibility situations. They’re different from daytime running lights. They are an extra pair of lights mounted low on the vehicle, with the thinking that fog doesn’t settle on the road surface but hovers 12 to 18 inches above it.

How do you connect fog lights to parking lights?

Twist the positive wire for the fog light to the positive wire for the corresponding parking light on that side of the vehicle. Repeat for the opposite side.

What is a 12 volt relay?

12V DC relay switches are the best solution for full voltage applications, as they allow a low current flow circuit to control a high current flow circuit, like a vehicle’s horn, headlights, auxiliary lamps, fan motors, blower motors and countless pieces of equipment existing on vehicles today.

Is a relay the same as a fuse?

A relay is a mechanical switch controlled by an electromagnetic coil. It allows you to use an electrical signal to turn a circuit on and off controllable and repeatedly. A fuse is only usable in the place of a relay if all you wanted the the relay to do is open once when the current through the circuit rose too high.

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