What GCSE can you do in Wales?

What GCSE can you do in Wales?

English Language, Welsh, Mathematics (or Numeracy) and Science are the core subjects everyone must take at GCSE in Wales. You can take Welsh as a first or second language. Sometimes you must take English Literature, but there are exceptions, so check this with your school.

How many GCSE options do you get in Wales?

Year 8 and 9 subject options | Careers Wales. How do I choose my subjects?

Are GCSEs different in Wales?

GCSEs across the three countries are of the same size and rigour. However, there are some key differences. In Wales: Some GCSEs will be linear with all exams taken at the end of the course; some will be modular.

Is Welsh GCSE compulsory?

3.2 GCSE Welsh Although the study of Welsh first language or Welsh second language as a subject is compulsory, making a decision on the type of qualification is a matter for schools and is done at a local level.

Do all Welsh schools teach in Welsh?

Welsh medium secondary schools teach the majority of subjects in Welsh or bilingually. However, supporters of an all-Welsh curriculum say they get better exam results teaching everything in Welsh. English is introduced as a second language at around age 7 for children from Welsh language homes.

Do you have to speak Welsh to work in a Welsh school?

No, you don’t need to speak Welsh to apply to teach in Wales, unless you wish to teach Welsh as a second language at secondary level or teach in a Welsh-medium school. However, all student teachers training in Wales will undertake some Welsh language learning as part of their course.

Can you teach in Wales if you don’t speak Welsh?

At the moment no language other than Welsh or English is compulsory in Wales’ primary schools although some do introduce other languages as extra curricular options or in lessons. In secondary schools modern foreign languages are taught but are not compulsory at GCSE and take up has plummeted in recent years.

What is everyday Welsh?

The Cymraeg Bob Dydd (Everyday Welsh) scheme runs courses and workshops for young people who are learning Welsh to expand their use of the Welsh Language. The scheme is aimed at young people aged 14 and 18 to increase the number of young people opting to study Welsh at GCSE and A Level.

Can I go to the toilet in Welsh?

Ga i fynd i’r ty bach? – May I go to the toilet please?

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