What gives the measure of inertia?

What gives the measure of inertia?

There are two numerical measures of the inertia of a body: its mass, which governs its resistance to the action of a force, and its moment of inertia about a specified axis, which measures its resistance to the action of a torque about the same axis. See Newton’s laws of motion.

What makes a gun so powerful?

The momentum imparted to the bullet by the gun is what makes a gun able to do so much damage. The momentum of an object equals its mass times its velocity. The momentum of an object, and therefore its ability to cause destruction, can be increased by making the object more massive or by making it go faster.

Why do the bullet and gun have very different accelerations?

The Answer: The acceleration of the bullet equals the force that the rifle exerts on it divided by the mass of the bullet. The two forces are equal, but since the mass of the rifle is much greater than the mass of the bullet, the acceleration of the rifle is much less than the bullet’s acceleration.

How does a bullet kill?

The primary mechanism is bullets make holes. Unlike a knife or arrow a bullet literally destroys the tissue in its path. This is termed the permanent cavity and it the main killing mechanism. If this permanent cavity crosses a vital organ or a major blood vessel you are likely to die from blood loss.

Do heads explode shot?

Neither sprayed as much blood around as was in the scene from Pulp Fiction. Ergo, one would not expect a pistol round, with much less energy, shot at close range to “explode” a head. Definitely not with as much blood spraying as in that clip.

Is it better for a bullet to go through or stay in?

A bullet that passes through the body (creating an exit wound) generally will cause less damage than one which stays in the body, because a bullet that stays in the body transfers all of its kinetic energy (and ensures maximum damage to tissue).

Can a gun be fired in space?

Fires can’t burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet, wherever you are in the universe. No atmospheric oxygen required.

Why do doctors leave bullets in?

In most cases, if a bullet has not penetrated an internal organ or caused infection, doctors will leave it in rather than risk surgery. The surrounding tissue encapsulates the bullet, preventing it from dissolving and leaching into the blood.

Can a bullet go straight through you?

If you’re not concerned about immediate stopping power, a bullet going straight through will almost always cause a victim to bleed out, the number one cause of death!

Can a human head explode?

Incredibly, Titiov’s is not the first case in which a person’s head has spontaneously exploded. Five people are known to have died of HCE in the last 25 years. The explosions happen during periods of intense mental activity when lots of current is surging through the brain.

Why does a gun recoil backwards when fired?

When a bullet is fired from a gun, the gun exerts a force on the bullet in the forward direction. The bullet also exerts an equal and opposite force on the gun in the backward direction. Therefore a gun recoils when a bullet is fired from it.

When a gun is fired the shooter feels the sensation of the gun kicking?

Conservation of momentum is the law that is held true when the gun is fired and a “kick” is felt. When a bullet is fired from a gun, total momentum before is zero since nothing is moving. After firing the bullet there is a momentum in the forward direction.

Why is a person thrown backward when he fired the bullet from a gun?

Both the bullet and the gun experience the same force but in opposite directions. These two forces are equal and opposite of each other. This opposite force manifests itself as recoil, which is where the gun pushes back whenever it is fired.

Does recoil affect accuracy?

The recoil in and of itself isn’t the problem its the effects/affects ((?) of that recoil that messes with accuracy. Back in the day when I kept track of such stuff I recorded a higher percentage of misses with a 110 gr bullet in a 270 Win vs a 90 gr bullet.

Can a gun fire backwards?

It is not possible for a gun to fire backwards. It is not possible for a gun to fire backwards. However, it is possible for a gun to explode, and some of the fragments to come backwards at the shooter.

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