What happened in the Second Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt?

What happened in the Second Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt?

The Second Intermediate Period marks a period when ancient Egypt fell into disarray for a second time, between the end of the Middle Kingdom and the start of the New Kingdom.

When was the Second Intermediate Period in Egypt?

1782 BC – 1570 BC

Why was the Second Intermediate Period important?

The legacy of the Second Intermediate Period is the glory which would become the New Kingdom, a time of unprecedented wealth and prosperity in Egypt.

How many intermediate periods did Egypt have?

The First Intermediate Period, described as a ‘dark period’ in ancient Egyptian history, spanned approximately one hundred and twenty-five years, from c….First Intermediate Period of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt
Middle Kingdom 2055–1650 BC
2nd Intermediate Period 1650–1550 BC
New Kingdom 1550–1069 BC
3rd Intermediate Period 1069–664 BC

What dynasties were in power during the Second Intermediate Period?

It is best known as the period when the Hyksos, who reigned during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Dynasties, made their appearance in Egypt.

  • The Thirteenth Dynasty (1803 – 1649 BCE)
  • The Fourteenth Dynasty (c.
  • The Fifteenth Dynasty (c.
  • The Sixteenth Dynasty.
  • The Abydos Dynasty.
  • The Seventeenth Dynasty (c.

What happened in the Third Intermediate Period?

The Third Intermediate Period of ancient Egypt began with the death of Pharaoh Ramesses XI in 1070 BC, which ended the New Kingdom, and was eventually followed by the Late Period.

Who ruled in the Second Intermediate Period?

In the Second Intermediate Period (late 13th to 17th Dynasty), the territories that had been ruled by the centralized Egyptian state—including Lower Nubia—were divided between the kingdom of Kerma, the Theban kingdom, the kingdom of Avaris, and possibly other little known political entities.

Who ruled Thebes for a significant portion of the Third Intermediate Period?

End of the Third Intermediate Period In 656 BCE, Psamtik I (last of the Twenty-sixth Dynasty kings) occupied Thebes and became pharaoh, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt. He proceeded to reign over a united Egypt for 54 years from his capital at Sais.

What was the change of government in the Third Intermediate Period?

In the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt, power was held almost equally between Tanis and Thebes early on, fluctuating at times one way or another, and the two cities ruled jointly even though they often had quite different agendas. Tanis was the seat of secular rule while Thebes was a theocracy.

How long did the Third Intermediate Period Last?

The Third Intermediate Period covers the centuries between the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) and the Late Period; for much, but not all, of this time, the country was divided into two or more segments.

When was the Third Intermediate Period?

1070 BC – 664 BC

Who ruled Egypt in 700 BC?

Kushite heartland

What is the job of a vizier?

The viziers were appointed by the pharaohs and often belonged to a pharaoh’s family. The vizier’s paramount duty was to supervise the running of the country, much like a prime minister. At times this included small details such as sampling the city’s water supply.

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