What happened to Felix golden sun?

What happened to Felix golden sun?

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Less than thirty years after the Golden Sun event, Felix left the other Warriors of Vale to set out on his own journey. According to the game’s encyclopedia, nobody has seen him since he departed.

Who created golden sun?

Camelot Software Planning

Is Golden Sun the best RPG?

2001’s Golden Sun is a long game. Proclaimed by Nintendo Power as the best RPG on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) at the time, Golden Sun boasts an impressive average play time of 40.5 hours, according to GameFAQs, though you can easily beat it in 15-20 hours if you ignore all the side quests.

How do you get lucky medals in Golden Sun?

Gameplay Role They are found in chests and dropped from enemies (primarily Mimics or Rare Drops by Orc Lord) in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are used with Lucky Medal Fountains found in Tolbi in Golden Sun and Lemuria in The Lost Age.

How many Djinn are in Golden Sun lost age?

72 Djinn

Where can I find Djinn?


11.gif Venus
Djinn Location
Vine Outside Lamakan Desert exit (Little Island northwest of exit on World Map)
Sap Vault (Ring bell on tower, use Reveal at tombstones, reach the end of the cave)
Ground Kalay Docks (Walk back around to Kalay Docks after riding to Tolbi Docks)

Where are all the Djinn in Golden Sun The Lost Age?


Name Type Location
Petra Venus North East of Shaman Village Cave in a small forest (On World Map) Location of the Djinni Petra.
Tinder Mars Hesperia Settlement
Salt Venus Contigo
Whorl Jupiter Jupiter Lighthouse

How do you beat dullahan in Golden Sun 2?

Summon as much as possible, including Charon and Catastrophe. If luck is with you, you can use all the first party’s summons in 2 turns before Dullahan crushes you. Repeat with the second party. With luck, you will achieve three turns or so before you go down, and in those you can defeat Dullahan.

How do you beat the Deadbeard in Golden Sun?

Another easy way to defeat Deadbeard is to seal away his Psynergy, since all of his commands aside from his physical attack are Psynergy, you can effectively limit his abilities to attacking you for a turn. The best way to seal his Psynergy is to use the Jupiter Djinn, Luff, as that has an accuracy rating of 100%.

How do you kill dullahan?

There are only two ways to permanently kill a dullahan: destroy its animate head and its body at the same time or return the head the dullahan had in life to the rider.

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