What happened to Jacks daughter Penny?

What happened to Jacks daughter Penny?

Jack’s daughter Penny suffered severe spinal injuries after a drug dealer deliberately ran her over to spite Jack. Now, Penny, who left Albert Square with her mum, Selina Branning (Daisy Beaumont) for a life in France in 2008, has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Did Penny die in EastEnders?

Later, Jack tells Ronnie that when he was a police officer, he caught a drug dealer who deliberately hit Penny with his car when she and Selina were waiting at a bus stop, causing Penny’s spine to be severed.

Who appeared first in EastEnders?

Den Watts

Who was Melinda in EastEnders?

Siobhan Hayes

Will EastEnders 2008 be Cancelled?

EastEnders fans can rewatch some incredible episodes from 2008 to fill the Albert Square shaped hole in their lives as the soap goes on hiatus. With the last episode going out on 16 June, luckily viewers will be able to get their fix online in the meantime.

Who is in EastEnders now?

Current characters

Character Actor Duration
Tiffany Butcher-Baker Maisie Smith 2008-2014, 2016, 2018-
Amy Mitchell Abbie Burke 2008-
Dotty Cotton Milly Zero 2008-2010, 2019-
Kim Fox Tameka Empson 2009-

Was MIA McKenna Bruce in EastEnders?

McKenna-Bruce then appeared in EastEnders as Penny Branning. She had a two episode guest in January 2008 and then another three episode guest stint in April 2008.

Does Mia McKenna-Bruce have cancer?

According to FamousBirthdays, McKenna-Bruce is currently 23 years old. She was born on July 3, 1997, in London, England, and is a Cancer.

Who is Mia McKenna-Bruce dating?

Tom Leach

How old is tea from the dumping ground?

She is about 14. In Jody In Wonderland, she was The Rabbit. Her and Ryan are enemies, as of The Long Way Home.

Why did Gina Leave the dumping ground?

She played the role of Gina Conway in Tracy Beaker Returns for three series, as well as the first series of the spin-off series The Dumping Ground, her departure was unexplained in later episodes, although head writer Elly Brewer stated that Gina left to get a position in order to have more money to pay for her Mother.

Is Frank from the dumping ground really disabled?

Frank was born with Cerebral Palsy and as a child, he lived with his grandfather Eric.

How old is Lily in Tracy Beaker Returns?

14 Years of Age

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