What happened to Smithy and Louise in the bill?

What happened to Smithy and Louise in the bill?

Smithy’s Relationship with Louise Larson After several months Larson discovered the affair and kidnapped Smithy. Smithy was rescued and Larson was jailed, but Louise refused to testify in a murder case, fearing her life, and ended the relationship, leaving behind a heartbroken Smithy.

What happened to Smithy on the bill?

Smithy joined SO19, and began his training. Cryer’s career ended when Smithy accidentally shot him during a hostage scenario not long after completing his training. Two years later, Smithy returned to Sun Hill as the new Sergeant following the death of Sgt. Matthew Boyden.

Who played Mrs Larson in the bill?

Young also launched a long-term storyline, Sergeant Dale Smith embarking on an affair with Louise Larson (Rosie Marcel), wife of a notorious criminal; the plot did not conclude until early 2006, and was the first of several multi-series storylines Young ran during his first 18 months in charge.

What year was Series 22 of the bill?


What happens to Kristen in the bill?

He has an estranged relationship with his parents, Rafi and Carmen. Zain’s sister died years ago from a drug overdose, although Zain later tells Kristen Shaw that she was killed in a car crash, in order to retain his cover.

Who killed Honey in the bill?

Kristen shot her dead leaving Zain to cover up their crime. “I know what they say about me at the station. A bit 40 watts: Dim.” Where Can I See Kim Now?

Does Lewis die in the bill?

As Lewis and the police find Tyrone holding Dominic at gunpoint as Dominc escapes Tyrone shoots Lewis and the police shoot Tyrone and he is killed instantly.

Does Lewis shoot Roger in the bill?

Lewis angrily pleads with him to leave, but Dino pulls out a gun and tells Lewis to shoot Roger or he’ll shoot them both. Terrified and confused, Lewis takes the gun and aims at Roger…

How does Roger die in the bill?

After being discharged, he visits an off-licence, which is under-siege. Roger seizes on the opportunity to die and bars the robber’s exit, taunting him to shoot him….

Roger Valentine
Marital Status: Married

What episode of the bill is Amy Tennant found?

– safe and sound

How did Emma die the bill?

The fight over Matt’s ex Nina, whose death he had lied about, lead to Emma whacking Matt with a bottle of Vodka. Then Emma took on the job to evacuate a building, she was caught in a bomb explosion and died instantly. Trivia. Reg Hollis left Sun Hill after hearing the news of Emma’s death.

Did PC Keane die in the bill?

“Frontline” was a three-part storyline in the long-running police procedural British television series The Bill. Broadcast in 2008, the storyline is significant in the show’s history as it was the final plot to feature the death of an on-screen character, PC Emma Keane, which came in the first part of the plot.

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