What happened to the actor who played Bradley in EastEnders?

What happened to the actor who played Bradley in EastEnders?

In 2005, Clements appeared in an episode of the UK police drama The Bill, playing Adrian Bickman, a character with high-functioning autism. Although the character died during the EastEnders live 25th anniversary episode on 19 February 2010, Clements is credited at the end of the episode on 22 February 2010.

Why did Bradley jump off the Queen Vic?

When Stacey revealed that she was pregnant, after being raped by Archie Mitchell, Bradley stormed over to the Vic and punched him. Everyone considered the case to be closed, but Stacey later revealed her guilt to Peggy and fled the country, claiming that Bradley had been the love of her life.

Who was Bradley to Max in EastEnders?

Storylines. Max arrives in Walford in June 2006 to confront his father, Jim Branning (John Bardon), after being estranged for 17 years, but Jim throws him out and Max meets his son Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements), and decides to stay to rebuild their relationship.

Who got pushed off the roof in EastEnders?

On the day of the wedding, Ben’s ordeal is finally discovered causing Stella to flee with Phil giving chase, determined to make her pay for what she has done to his son; this culminates in Stella being killed-off when she commits suicide by jumping off a roof to her death.

How did Abby branning die?

How did Abi Branning fall? Abi was declared brain dead after falling from the roof of the Queen Vic on Christmas Day, with medics saying there is “zero chance” of her ever regaining consciousness. Doctors later declared her brain-stem dead, telling heartbroken Max that nothing could be done to bring his daughter back.

How did Ronnie and Roxy die?

Ultimately both Roxy and Ronnie drowned in the pool, with an inquest ruling that Roxy suffered a cardiac arrest when she hit the water, and Ronnie drowning after she was weighed down by her wedding dress while trying to rescue her sister.

When did Ronnie find out about Roxy and Jack?

September 2013

What happened to Danielle Jones?

Danielle Jones was murdered by her uncle Stuart Campbell in 2001. The body of the schoolgirl has never been found. On 15 May 2017 Essex Police revealed that a search had begun at a garage block in Stifford Clays, Thurrock.

Who killed Danielle at the creek?

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) — The teen charged with killing 15-year-old Danielle Locklear, and dumping her body into a river, stood before a judge Wednesday in cuffs and a jumpsuit. Police believe Locklear’s ex-boyfriend, 17-year-old Je’Michael Malloy, killed her in the heat of the moment in a crime of passion.

How old is Danielle Jones?

Campbell was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder as well as 10 years for abduction….Murder of Danielle Jones.

Danielle Jones
Born Danielle Sarah Jones16 October 1985 East Tilbury, Essex, England
Died c. 18 June 2001 (aged 15) Unknown
Height 1.73 m (5.7 ft)

Are Holly and Jessica parents still friends?

Holly and Jessica’s families still live in Soham. Holly’s parents moved out of the home where she had spent her last day, enjoying a family barbeque with best friend Jessica, who had rushed round after returning from a holiday abroad. “But he will not take anything else away from my family.

Who was Ian Huntley’s girlfriend?

Maxine Carr

Where is Maxine Carr living now?

Maxine Carr now re married and living in North Wales sea side town under new identity.

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