What happens at the Festival of Dionysus?

What happens at the Festival of Dionysus?

The Festival of Dionysus, otherwise known as the “Greater Dionysia” was the theatrical event of the year in 5th century Athens. Dithyrambs would be sung by choruses and giant phalloi would be carried along the procession route in honor to Dionysus.

How did people celebrate Dionysus?

The Dionysia (/daɪəˈnaɪsiə/) was a large festival in ancient Athens in honor of the god Dionysus, the central events of which were the theatrical performances of dramatic tragedies and, from 487 BC, comedies. It was the second-most important festival after the Panathenaia.

Why is there a festival in honor of Dionysus?

A series of festivals in ancient Greece were held in honor of Dionysus, the god of wine, fertility, and drama. It featured the performance of new tragedies, comedies, and satiric dramas at the Theater of Dionysus on the side of the Acropolis. According to mythology, Dionysus was the offspring of Zeus and Semele.

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