What happens in the book out of the dust?

What happens in the book out of the dust?

A poem cycle that reads as a novel, Out of the Dust tells the story of a girl named Billie Jo, who struggles to help her family survive the dust-bowl years of the Depression. Fighting against the elements on her Oklahoma farm, Billie Jo takes on even more responsibilities when her mother dies in a tragic accident.

What happens at the end of out of the dust?

The ending of the book finds us in the Kelby home with Daddy and Louise on the verge of being married, the family’s new course falling into place. Billie Jo has the strength to use her hands again—both mentally and physically—and returning to the piano is the perfect way to show that.

How does Billie Jo change in out of the dust?

After the accident, when Billie Jo throws the burning pail of kerosene out the door of the house and onto her mother, and after the death of her mother and newborn baby brother, Billie Jo’s life changes forever. She is in extreme physical pain because her hands are badly burned.

How does Billie Jo’s mom die in out of the dust?

Screaming to her husband, Billie Jo’s mother runs out to the fields, with Billie Jo behind her. Billie Jo is left trying to give water (using immensely burned and swollen hands) to her burned and injured mother. In the chapter Devoured, Billie Jo’s mother dies while giving birth to her son.

Why is Billie Jo and her family struggling?

Parental Problems Billie Jo’s complex relationship with both her parents is another significant part of her character. And while she has a lot in common with Ma, Ma’s resistance to her playing piano publically often makes their relationship deteriorate into a classic parent-child standoff (15.4).

How old is Billie Jo in out of the dust?

14 years old

Why does Billie Jo like Louise?

Why does Billie Jo like Louise? She likes her because she listens and she doesn’t tell Billie Jo what to do.

What is Billie Jo’s last name in out of the dust?

Billie Jo Kelby

Why does Daddy want to dig a pond now?

Although the hole begins as a symbol of grief and death—digging it is a sort of way for Daddy to dig deep into the pain he feels over losing Ma—the new life it brings forth demonstrates Daddy’s journey out of grief and the harsh circumstances of the land.

How does mad dog feel about Billie Jo?

How does Mad Dog treat Billie Jo? Mad Dog treats Billie Jo like he did before the accident without pity and doesn’t stare at her hands.

Why can’t Billie Jo sand to be in the same room with a piano anymore?

Billie Jo can’t stand to be in the same room with a piano anymore because it reminds her of Ma and when she was able to play piano.

Which food was Billie Jo unable to prepare that made their Christmas dinner even worse?

Christmas Dinner Without the Cranberry Sauce She says their Christmas wouldn’t have been as bad if they had Ma’s special cranberry sauce recipe, but Ma never showed her how to make it.

How does the doctor treat Billie Jo?

How does the doctor treat Billie Jo? He goes to town and gets drunk.

Where is the one place Billie Jo does not want Louise to go?

beaver river

How much rain fell in hope in a drizzle?


Question Answer
how much wheat does Billie Jo think her father will get harvest per acre of land 5 bushels
how does Arley pay Billie Jo for her piano playing a little money in dimes
how much rain fell in Hope in a Drizzle 1 quarter inch of rain

What happens soon after the grasshoppers destroy the apples on the trees?

Just as the grasshoppers destroy the fruit on Ma’s trees, the fruit of her womb, Franklin, is destined to die as well. Fortunately the trees live on, a testament to Ma’s presence and vitality long after she’s gone.

What does Billie Jo say she will never be able to forgive her father for as long as she lives?

What did Billie Jo do to make it worse for her mother while her father was in Guymon? What does Billie Jo say she will never be able to forgive her father for as long as she lives? She can’t forgive him for leaving kerosene in the kitchen. When Billie Jo hears about Kilauea, what does the volcano remind her of?

What is revealed about Billie Jo’s character when she begins beating out the flames with her bare hands?

What is revealed about Billie Jo’s character when she begins beating out the flames with her bare hands in “The Accident”? she doesn’t lke to take responsibility for her actions. His is having trouble handling the emotions he is feeling concerning the accident. He didn’t know it was the family’s emergency money.

What does fire symbolize in out of the dust?

So as fire so often does, in this book is represents terrible destruction. Just as all new life reminds her of the loss of her mom and baby brother, occurrences of fire always bring about residual feelings of fear and anger.

What does Billie Jo struggle with in this section?

Billie Jo struggles with anger toward both herself and Daddy for what happened.

Who is the boy Billie Jo thinks of in heartsick?


Question Answer
who is the boy Billie Jo thinks of in Heartsick Mad Dog Craddcock
what marks does Billie Jo’s father have on him in skin raised spots
why does Billie Jo say that she should steer clear of mad dog craddcock she has enough of quiet men
What subject do people not talk about to Billie Jo’s face Fire

What is wrong with Billie Jo’s father skin?

What is wrong with Billie Jo’s father’s skin? Who had this before in his family? He had Cancer on his skin.

What is the conflict in out of the dust?

The conflict is person versus nature because Billie Jo feels trapped in the dust. She hates the dust. The conflict is also external. The conflict is external because the dust is outside and everywhere.

Who is Arley Wanderdale in out of the dust?

Arley Wanderdale is the music teacher who comes to Billie Jo’s school once a week. He encourages Billie Jo to pursue her interest in music, even when no one else does.

What happens in chapter 4 of out of the dust?

By Karen Hesse Arley Wanderdale, a music teacher and local entertainment manager, asks Billie Jo to play piano at a concert at the Palace Theater—and though she’s concerned that her mom, who’s a stick in the mud about letting her out on school nights, won’t be okay with it, she says yes anyway.

What makes Billie Jo feel as foul as maggoty stew?

What makes Billie Jo feel as foul as “maggoty stew”? Feels distrusted towards her mother won’t let Billie Jo take time out of school to play piano for Arley.

How does Billie Jo relate WWI and the current drought?

How does Billie Jo relate to WW1 and the current drought? She wishes she could see poppies growing out of the dust. She wants beauty in her life instead of dust.

Who caused the Dust Bowl?

What circumstances conspired to cause the Dust Bowl? Economic depression coupled with extended drought, unusually high temperatures, poor agricultural practices and the resulting wind erosion all contributed to making the Dust Bowl. The seeds of the Dust Bowl may have been sowed during the early 1920s.

How does Billie Jo feel about her father?

Billie Jo doesn’t feel close to her father. She feels that their relationship is strained. Her father being a farmer makes life harder, because of the lack of money. Billie Jo feels that this strains their relationship.

What was Caroline Henderson purpose for writing her letter?

Caroline Henderson: “Letters from the Dust Bowl” When drought struck Oklahoma in the 1930s, the author and her husband stayed behind to protect their 28-year-old farm. Her letters to a friend paint a picture of dire poverty, desiccated soil, and long days with no sunshine.

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