What have we learned by exploring space?

What have we learned by exploring space?

NASA states that among the many spin-off technologies that have come out of the space exploration program, there have been notable advancements in the fields of health and medicine, transportation, public safety, consumer goods, energy and environment, information technology, and industrial productivity.

Why is the Apollo 11 space shuttle so important?

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. Apollo 11 achieved its primary mission – to perform a manned lunar landing and return the mission safely to Earth – and paved the way for the Apollo lunar landing missions to follow.

How do you prepare for space travel?

Preparation You have to do your stretches, eat your veggies, and brace yourself for a complete change of scene. Visit a doctor to ensure you’re fit for flight. Train your body for weightlessness 12 metres underwater or in microgravity on a zero-g flight. In two years’ time, you’ll be ready for takeoff.

Can you survive in space for 30 seconds?

Could you really survive outer space without a suit? Yes, for a very short time. At most, an astronaut without a suit would last about 15 seconds before losing conciousness from lack of oxygen. (That’s how long it would take the body to use up the oxygen left in the blood.)

Would a gun fire in space?

Fires can’t burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet, wherever you are in the universe. No atmospheric oxygen required.

How long can you last in space?

Humans do die if left in outer space without a space suit. But they die for the same reason as people who are left too long underwater: lack of oxygen. The Federal Aviation Administration reports in advisory circular 61-107 that humans remain fully conscious and useful for 9-12 seconds after being exposed to a vacuum.

Can Thor breathe in space?

By definition, Thor can’t “breathe” in space, as there’s no air there. However, as an Asgardian he can survive a very long time in space, without breathing. He had no trouble breathing while travelling between worlds in Thor 1 and 2. In the comics, though, he can survive space for long periods of time.

Can you light a fire in space?

Inside you have the same air mixture as on Earth, but because gravity is millions of times smaller an open flame behaves significantly different. In space, of course, you can’t have any fires because there isn’t any oxidizer (i.e. oxygen) to sustain the combustion process.

Why does your head explode in space?

Oxygen in the rest of your body will also expand. You’ll balloon up to twice your normal size, but you won’t explode. Without air in your lungs, blood will stop sending oxygen to your brain. You’ll pass out after about 15 seconds.

Can a spaceship explode in space?

Yes, provided there is an oxidizer. A spaceship with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen will blow up quite well in the vacuum of space. Chemical explosives will also explode in space since they function by breaking weakly bonded chemical components; no oxygen is necessary.

Why can’t you hear an explosion in space?

Sound needs a medium to travel (such as air), but space generally doesn’t have it. Therefore, sound can’t really propagate in space. So you can’t hear an explosion or any other sound in space. There is no atmosphere to transmit sound in space, so no.

Do missiles work in space?

Missile defence does not station weapons in space, but is designed to intercept incoming warheads at a very high altitude, which requires the interceptor to travel into space to achieve the intercept.

Can you light a match in space?

Once the match is lit, however, combustion in the space station will work a little differently because of the way hot air moves in microgravity. (“Gravity exists inside a spacecraft, but nothing on board — astronauts and candles included — can feel its effect,” explains Johnson.)

Can you shoot a gun on the moon?

Yes, you can fire a gun on the Moon, despite the absence of oxygen. A gun “fires” because of a sudden impulse delivered to the gunpowder by the trigger. Despite the abundance of oxygen on Earth, however, most gun ammunition comes with its own oxidizer “built in”, so to speak.

How fast would a bullet travel in space?

0.62 mile/sec

Can you light matches on the moon?

Yes, you Can light a fire with matches on the Moon. All you have to do is be sitting inside you spaceship while it is sitting on the moon. Yes, you Can light a fire with matches on the Moon.

Why does the moon look like it’s on fire?

If you’ve ever seen an orange Moon high in the sky, the atmosphere is still the reason it’s orange. In certain areas, the atmosphere can be filled with air pollution, dust, and even smoke from wildfires. These particles scatter light in the same way described above, leading to an orange or red Moon high in the sky.

Can the moon catch on fire?

Fire needs air (oxygen) to burn. There’s no air on the moon, so a fire couldn’t happen. Since they breathe a higher % of oxygen the fire burns very well.

What happens to smoke in space?

The hot smoke is lighter than air, so it floats upward like a boat in water. A spaceship orbiting earth is moving fast enough to break gravity and the vacuum of space has no density. At that point the smoke particles should begin to pull together again in response to gravity.

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