What is a antonym for idiosyncrasy?

What is a antonym for idiosyncrasy?

Opposite of a distinctive or peculiar feature or characteristic of a place or thing. normality. usualness. conformity. sameness.

How do you use idiosyncrasy in a sentence?

Idiosyncrasy in a Sentence ?

  1. Her worst idiosyncrasy involved repeating back every word that was said to her.
  2. While my father had many peculiar habits, his biggest idiosyncrasy was collecting his own toenail clippings.
  3. Your idiosyncrasy of always wearing a red hat makes you look ridiculous ?

What does idiosyncratic mean in English?

adjective. pertaining to the nature of idiosyncrasy, or something peculiar to an individual: The best minds are idiosyncratic and unpredictable as they follow the course of scientific discovery.

What is idiosyncratic style?

adjective. If you describe someone’s actions or characteristics as idiosyncratic, you mean that they are rather unusual.

What is an idiosyncratic effect?

The term idiosyncratic drug reaction (IDR) has been used in various ways and has no clear definition, but the term is used in this review to designate an adverse reaction that does not occur in most patients treated with a drug and does not involve the therapeutic effect of the drug.

Which word is most similar to zany?


  • eccentric, bizarre, weird, peculiar, odd, quirky, avant-garde, unconventional, off-centre, strange, outlandish, ridiculous, ludicrous.
  • mad, insane, crazy, absurd, comic, comical, clownish, farcical, madcap, silly, light-hearted, funny, amusing, chucklesome, diverting, waggish, hilarious.

Is zany rare?

Zany is a Rare Emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale that can be purchased from the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks.

What is the rarest emote in fortnite in 2020?

Rocket Rodeo

Is zany a rare dance?

Zany is the name of one of the rare emotes for the game Battle Royale.

What is the sweatiest skin in fortnite?

The 10 Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite

  • Ghoul Tropper.
  • Renegade Raider.
  • Season 2 Skins.
  • Bunny Brawler.
  • Snorkel Ops.
  • Elite Agent.
  • Whiplash. The Whiplash skin used to be one of the sweatiest skins in Fortnite but has since fallen a few tiers on the list.
  • Recon Specialist. The Recon Specialist seems to be a TTV special.

What’s the rarest fortnite pickaxe?

FNCS Axe Of Champions

What is the rarest fortnite dance?

Here are the rarest dances and emotes in Fortnite.

  • Pony Up. Pony Up – Screengrab via Epic Games.
  • The original Floss. The original Floss – Screengrab via Epic Games.
  • Rambunctious. Rambunctious – Screengrab via Epic Games.
  • Fresh. Fresh – Screengrab via Epic Games.
  • Tidy. Tidy – Screengrab via Epic Games.
  • On the Hook.
  • Zany.
  • Pop Lock.

What is considered OG in fortnite?

When referring to fortnite, it means Original Gamer. If you’re an OG then it means you’ve been playing for a long time or have old emotes or skins like the Floss, Sparkle Specialist or Renegade Raider which are from seasons 1, 2 and 3.

Will the renegade Raider come back?

This outfit is exclusive and is never coming back. She is also considered rarer than the Aerial Assault Trooper because of it’s higher level.

What is a synced emote in fortnite?

Synced Emotes are emotes that take 2 players for special effects, or activate the emote. This was introduced in Chapter 2: Season 1.

How do you emote in fortnite?

There are multiple keybind layouts for controller users, but most will have the Down Arrow button as the default emote key. You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick.

What are all the fortnite emotes?

Check here for a list of all Emotes available in Fortnite; including each dance moves and their prices!…Epic Dance & Emote List.


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