What is a bill quizlet?

What is a bill quizlet?

bill. a proposed law that requires the approval of both houses of congress and the signature of the president in order to become a law.

What is a bill called?

Act: Legislation that has passed both houses of Congress and has been either approved by the President, or has passed Congress over his veto, thus becoming law. Bill: Formally introduced legislation. Most ideas for new laws, called legislative proposals, are in the form of bills and are labeled as H.R.

What describes the bill making process?

A bill can be introduced in either chamber of Congress by a senator or representative who sponsors it. Once a bill is introduced, it is assigned to a committee whose members will research, discuss, and make changes to the bill. The president can approve the bill and sign it into law or not approve (veto) a bill.

Which of the following must occur before Congress can send a bill to the president for his signature quizlet?

Both houses of Congress must pass the exact same bill before it can be sent to the President. If the House and Senate pass different versions, often the first house will agree to the other’s changes. Sometimes this agreement does not happen and the measure is given to a conference committee.

Who can sponsor a bill quizlet?

Only a member of Congress (House or Senate) can introduce the bill for consideration. The Representative or Senator who introduces the bill becomes its “sponsor.” Other legislators who support the bill or work on its preparation can ask to be listed as “co-sponsors.” Important bills usually have several co-sponsors.

Who determines if and when a bill reaches the floor?

The Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader decide what will reach the floor and when. (Legislation can also be brought to the floor by a discharge petition.)

What is floor action on a bill?

floor – Action “on the floor” is that which occurs as part of a formal session of the full Senate. An action “from the floor” is one taken by a Senator during a session of the Senate. A senator who has been recognized to speak by the chair is said to “have the floor.” act. adjourn.

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