What is a CC BY-NC license?

What is a CC BY-NC license?

CC BY-NC. This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

What does CC by 2.0 mean?

copy and redistribute

What does CC by 3.0 mean?

The freedom to study the work and apply the information: The licensee must be allowed to examine the work and to use the knowledge gained from the work in any way. The license may not, for example, restrict “reverse engineering”.

What does by stand for in copyright?

Credit must be given to the creator

What is CC copyright?

Creative Commons

What does R symbol mean?

registered trademarks

How do I use the R symbol?

Registered Trademark Symbol

  1. Type (r) and the automatic correction function creates the symbol.
  2. Hold down the left ALT key while typing 0174 on the numeric section (usually on the right side) of your keyboard.
  3. As you write your document, one of the tabs along top of your screen is the INSERT tab.

How do I get the RS symbol?

Use Numeric keypad. Press left side Alt key and then type 8377 on the numeric pad. You’ll get ₹ symbol.

What does R mean in text?

R means “Are”.

What is R * in math?

In mathematics, the notation R* represents the two different meanings. In the number system, R* defines the set of all non-zero real numbers, which form the group under the multiplication operation. In functions, R* defines the reflexive-transitive closure of binary relation “R” in the set.

What does P mean?

Winking and Sticking Tongue Out

What does R mean in history?

In historiography, r. can be used to designate the ruling period of a person in dynastic power, to distinguish from his or her lifespan. For example, one may write “Charles V (r.

What is Mr Short for?

Mister, usually written in its abbreviated form Mr. (US) or Mr (UK), is a commonly used English honorific for men under the rank of knighthood. The title ‘Mr’ derived from earlier forms of master, as the equivalent female titles Mrs, Miss, and Ms all derived from earlier forms of mistress.

Where does the R in Mrs come from?

as “missus,” why is there an r in it? Despite its pronunciation, the abbreviation Mrs. is derived from the title mistress, which accounts for that confusing extra letter. Mistress is the counterpart of master, which—you guessed it—is abbreviated to Mr. (Of course, English speakers now pronounce the title Mr.

What does R mean on a schedule?

The days of the week are abbreviated in BannerWeb as follows: M= Monday, T= Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R= Thursday, F= Friday, S= Saturday. When students see a course is scheduled T/R, that means it meets Tuesday and Thursday. Answered By: Bethany Schultz.

What days are TR?

“TR” is a combination of Tuesday and Thursday. “U” refers to Sunday.

What does S mean on work schedule?

WORK SCHEDULE – is the planned hours of work over a period of time such as day(s), Included within a work schedule is the shift(s)/tour(s) of duty the employee is expected to work. A standard work schedule is eight hours per workday and 40 hours per week in five consecutive workdays.

What is Tra?

Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) is income support payments to individuals who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and whose jobs were affected by foreign imports as determined by a certification of group coverage issued by the Department of Labor.

How does TRA work?

TRA is a defined-benefit pension plan that provides a specific monthly amount at retirement. The benefit amount at the end of your career is “defined” by a formula that is based on your salary, length of service and age at retirement. The monthly benefits are determined by Minnesota law, not investment results.

What is a TRA application?

Federal Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) benefits include paid training for a new job, financial help in making a job search in other areas, or relocation to an area where jobs are more plentiful. Those who qualify may be entitled to a weekly TRA after their unemployment compensation is exhausted.

What is TRA approval?

Type Approval is the requirement for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) to comply with specific technical standards. Such equipment must be registered with the TRA before it can be used, sold or distributed in the UAE.

What is TRA in Mobile?

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

How do I complain to TRA?

P.O.Box: 116688 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1. Toll Free : 800 12.
  2. International Calls: +971 4 7774049.
  3. Fax : +971 2 777 2229.
  4. Email : [email protected]
  5. Customer Happiness Center working hours 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM.
  6. Call Center working hours : 8:00 AM to 06:00 PM.
  7. Coordinates : 0″N 4″E.

How do I complain about telecom services?

Complaints, if any, received in TRAI are forwarded to the service providers. No follow up action is taken by TRAI on individual complaint(s). For any clarification/feedback consumer can contact Sr. Research Officer (Consumer Affairs) at e-mail daca[at]trai[dot]gov[dot]in.

What is TRA in Dubai?

Home – Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)6 hari yang lalu

How do I file a complaint against a mobile network?

As per the Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievances Regulations, 2007, in case a consumer has a complaint, the first step is to register the complaint at the toll free Call Centre number of the service provider and obtain a docket number, confirming registration of the complaint.

How do you make a consumer case?

A dissatisfied consumer can file a complaint directly with the national commission or appeal against decisions of the state commission within a month from the date of the order. The court fee is Rs 5,000 and the demand draft should be in the name of The Registrar, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

How do I complain about a local cable operator?

Complaints regarding the issues can be lodged at the toll free number or at the TACTV office at Collectorate at or at .

How can I complain to Airtel?

Airtel Customer Support details

  1. Toll free Telephone number. Airtel customers can call the 24-hr customer service centre at 121, or call the customer care numbers given below from the Airtel landline to register your complaint.
  2. E-Mail. Airtel Complaints can also be emailed at [email protected]
  3. Grievance Addressal.

Is Airtel 121 toll free?

Instant Help 24*7 : Dial *121# (toll free) to manage all airtel services. One stop solution to all your needs, simply dial *121# to manage your airtel Mobile, fixedline/broadband & digital TV accounts. Know unbilled of your Postpaid Mobile/ Fixed Line account.

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