What is a Double Goal Coach?

What is a Double Goal Coach?

A Double-Goal Coach behaves as follows: • Takes a mastery approach to sport rather than a scoreboard orientation, teaching athletes to put forward maximum effort, continuously learn and improve, and not let themselves be stopped by mistakes or fear of mistakes.

How does PCA define culture?

Role of the Culture Keeper. Many PCA partner organizations and the coaches within them appoint “Culture Keepers” to help develop. and maintain the desired youth sports culture (“culture” defined simply as “the way we do things here.”)

What is the elm tree of mastery?

Positive Coaching Alliance and Responsible Sports often refer to the “ELM Tree of Mastery,” where ELM stands for Effort, Learning and Mistakes. Players progress toward mastery of their sport as long as they exert maximum Effort, continually Learn and bounce back from their inevitable Mistakes.

What is the purpose of a mistake ritual?

One tactic to help players quickly forget about a mistake is by utilizing a “mistake ritual.” A mistake ritual is a physical gesture or movement that athletes use to acknowledge that they made a mistake, and then leave it behind them to focus on the next play.

What does it mean to honor the game?

better respecting: Rules, Opponents

What is a coachable mistake?

After all, not thinking something through can also be an effort mistake. If you are giving it your all and trying your best, your efforts are not to blame for the mistake, which means you can learn from it. That’s a coachable mistake.

What is narrated modeling?

PCA encouraged “Narrated Modeling,” which meant that coaches should not only exhibit behavior that Honored the Game, but also should explain to kids and parents exactly what they were doing. Coaches could ask players what they thought about the behavior and how it related to Honoring the Game.

What is a culture keeper?

Culture Keepers are the people who make it possible to have an intentional culture. They are the leaders, managers, and supervisors who bring to life the Culture Print™ of the organization through systems and processes, tools and communication, and personal relationship and impact with your Culture Consumers.

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