What is a Harley Police Special?

What is a Harley Police Special?

Police departments chose the old-fashioned footclutch for its bikes. It also wears the special silver paint that was reserved for police bikes, and unlike the civilian models, is not two-toned. A siren and red lights marked this bike asa Harley-Davidson Police Special.

What model Harley do police use?

Harley-Davidson offers three pursuit-rated models for the 2020 model year: the 1,868cc FLHP Police Road King and FLHTP Police Electra Glide, and the 883cc Sportster Iron 883, though other bikes have also been used over the years, and you’ll see many older versions of each of the above still in use.

Does Harley-Davidson offer law enforcement discount?

As a tribute to all law enforcement officers who selflessly give of themselves day in and day out. Harley-Davidson is proud to offer the Peace Officer Special Edition motorcycles for off-duty use.

What brand of motorcycle do police use?


What is the most common police motorcycle?

BMW R1200RT The BMW RT is probably one of the most common police force motorcycles. It became a favorite due to its increased maneuverability, reliable engine, and state of the art rider aids. The RT is used by the American and British police patrol and many other European countries.

Are police motorcycles fast?

And it’s quick. In the MSP’s tests, it hit 60 mph in 4.41 seconds, made it to 100 mph in 10.75 seconds and hit a top speed of 131 mph. The iconic police bike, this is the police version of Harley-Davidson’s FLHP Road King touring bike. And the bike tops out at 109 mph.

Can you outrun the cops on a motorcycle?

Any bike with reasonable handling and 100bhp or more will outrun the cops on roads with plenty of straights, especially if overtaking is required. Pretty much any bike will outrun the cops if the pursuit hits heavy traffic or the rider heads onto footpaths where the cops can’t follow.

How fast can a cop car go?

Ford Police Interceptor Top Speed & Acceleration

Category Ford PI Utility AWD 3.3L Ford PI Utility AWD 3.0L
Horsepower 285 hp 400 hp
Torque 260 lb-ft 415 lb-ft
Top Speed 141 mph 150 mph
0-60 MPH 7.84 sec 5.77 sec

Why do cops wear blue?

As soon as the first modern law enforcement force was established in 1829 (the famous London Metropolitan Police), so was the blue uniform. The dark blue color was chosen in order to distinguish the police from the British military who, at the time, wore red and white.

What cars can outrun cops?

25 Forgotten Sleepers That Can Outrun A Cop Car

  • 18 Jaguar XJR / 155 mph.
  • 19 Mercedes-Benz S600 / 155 mph.
  • 20 Lexus LS400 / 155 mph.
  • 21 Nissan 300ZX Turbo / 155 mph.
  • 22 Dodge Neon SRT-4 / 153 mph.
  • 23 Mazdaspeed 6 / 149 mph.
  • 24 Chevrolet Cobalt SS / 143 mph.
  • 25 Saab 9-2X Aero / 140 mph. via TinyPic.

Is there a speed where cops wont chase you?

No; there’s no law in any jurisdiction I’m aware of that says “you can’t drive faster than miles per hour in a vehicle pursuit.” However, many jurisdictions have a “no pursuit” policy, and most are bound by the rules of common sense.

How long can a cop chase you?

A recent coronial review into police pursuit guidelines made a number of recommendations, including that police pursuits be limited to a maximum of two minutes in duration. And amendments to the current policy are expected to be released soon.

Why do cops chase people?

Car chases occur when a suspect attempts to use a vehicle to escape from law enforcement attempting to detain or arrest him or her. Generally, suspects who police spot committing crimes for which long prison terms are likely upon conviction are much more likely to start car chases.

What is the longest police chase on record?

We were witness to a whopping six hours-long police chase through the San Gabriel Valley. Many now say it is the longest police chase ever.

What happens if you get in a police chase?

In New South Wales, police pursuits are a serious criminal offence. They are covered under section 51B of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). They may result in a criminal conviction, criminal record, prison sentence and period of disqualification.

Are police supposed to chase you?

Legally, police officers have a right to pursue. Even if they fail to follow department policy, they probably won’t have broken any laws, but they might suffer consequences within the police force.

What is the sentence for evading police?

Penalties under California Vehicle Code § 2800.1 As a misdemeanor, evading an officer carries a possible sentence of up to one (1) year in county jail as well as a fine of up to $1,000.00 dollars. Additionally, the vehicle that was being driven may be impounded for up to thirty days.

What percent of police chases get away?

“Suspects in police chases get away more than 35 percent of the time, according to a study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police .

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