What is a problem associated with informant ratings?

What is a problem associated with informant ratings?

Which of the following is a problem associated with informant ratings? targets are more likely to recruit informants who will rate them positively. Clint is a very confident person who tends to take charge when he has been assigned to a group task.

Which of the following personality tests was designed to measure the Big Five traits?

The questionnaire you just completed is called the TIPI: The Ten-Item Personality Inventory. It was created by University of Texas psychologist Sam Gosling as a very brief measure of five personality characteristics: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience.

What was Mischel’s side of the argument?

On the situation side of the debate, referred to as “situationism,” psychologists such as Walter Mischel (1968) maintained that people’s behaviors are provoked or influenced by an external force: the situation or context.

Do all Caucasian babies have blue eyes at birth?

While only 1 in 5 Caucasian adults have blue eyes in the United States, most are born blue-eyed. Their irises change from blue to hazel or brown during infancy. Though some babies of non-white ethnicities also have blue eyes at birth which then brown over time, the effect is far less common than with Caucasian babies.

What do blue eyes look like at birth?

Depending on how much melanin is secreted, your baby’s eye color may slowly begin to change after birth. If your baby has blue eyes, their melanocytes are secreting only a little melanin. If they secrete just a little bit more, your baby’s eyes will look green or hazel.

Why are some babies born with blue eyes?

Melanin is the dark pigment occurring in the hair and the iris of the eye. Caucasian babies are born with hardly any melanin, resulting in light blue eyes and cream-colored skin. The more the baby is exposed to sunlight, the more melanin levels will rise, resulting in the changing of eye, hair and even skin color.

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