What is a seminal essay?

What is a seminal essay?

Seminal works, sometimes called pivotal or landmark studies, are articles that initially presented an idea of great importance or influence within a particular discipline. Identifying seminal articles relies heavily on your own thoroughness in the examination and synthesis of the scholarly literature.

What’s another word for groundbreaking?

What is another word for groundbreaking?

trailblazing unprecedented
fresh innovational
innovatory novel
inventive new
revolutionary seminal

What is the meaning of seminal?

1 : of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semen seminal discharge. 2 : containing or contributing the seeds of later development : creative, original a seminal book.

What does seminal mean in literature?

(sɛmɪnəl ) adjective. Seminal is used to describe things such as books, works, events, and experiences that have a great influence in a particular field.

What does inadequacy mean?

1 : the quality or state of being inadequate. 2 : insufficiency, deficiency.

Is inadequacy an emotion?

We are not born feeling inadequate. Life experiences and emotions create that sense within us in a variety of creative ways. As adults, armed with education on emotions and how childhood adversity affects the brain, we can understand that feeling “not enough” is a byproduct of an environment that was insufficient.

What is another word for inadequacy?

What is another word for inadequacy?

shortage deficiency
deficit dearth
insufficiency scarcity
lack scantiness
paucity scarceness

What is another word for adequate?

SYNONYMS FOR adequate 1 satisfactory, competent, sufficient, enough; capable.

What is a synonym for adequate?

Some common synonyms of adequate are competent, enough, and sufficient.

What means fickle?

: marked by lack of steadfastness, constancy, or stability : given to erratic changeableness.

What is a fickle girl?

People who are fickle change their minds so much you can’t rely on them. If your best friend suddenly decides that she doesn’t like you one week, and then the next week she wants to hang out again, she’s being fickle. Fickle comes from the Old English word ficol, for deceitful.

What does fickle life mean?

likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather. not constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.

What is fickle love?

“Fickle Heart” (expression) /ˈfik(ə)l härt/ Someone who falls in love quickly and frequently. Expression most often attributed to us ladies since ‘women never know what they want’.

Is being fickle a bad thing?

If you followed people in every step they take then you will end up being an average if not a below average person. If you are fickle then you must change else your life will be ruined, your low self esteem will become lower and you will waste your life without finding out what you want.

What is capricious?

: governed or characterized by caprice : impulsive, unpredictable.

What is the opposite of fickle?

fickle. Antonyms: devoted, faithful, firm, incorruptible, loyal, stanch, sure, true, trustworthy, trusty, unwavering. Synonyms: capricious, faithless, false, unfaithful, untrue, untrustworthy, wavering.

What’s the opposite of quarantine?

Isolation – this conveys the general meaning, and can be used in a medical context. Protective sequestration – this fits best with your intended meaning, “isolating a still-healthy population to prevent diesease from spreading to it”

What does fickle beast mean?

adj changeable in purpose, affections, etc.; capricious.

What is a word for wishy washy?

other words for wishy-washy indecisive. banal. cowardly. enervated. feeble.

What are the synonyms for ambiguous?

other words for ambiguous

  • enigmatic.
  • equivocal.
  • inconclusive.
  • opaque.
  • puzzling.
  • questionable.
  • uncertain.
  • unclear.

What is the synonyms of capricious?

Some common synonyms of capricious are fickle, inconstant, mercurial, and unstable. While all these words mean “lacking firmness or steadiness (as in purpose or devotion),” capricious suggests motivation by sudden whim or fancy and stresses unpredictability.

What is a wishy washy man?

Wishy-washy guys can’t seem to make up their minds about a particular girl or what they want from a relationship. They loaded with excuses for pulling away, or being unavailable, or still holding an active online dating account. They’re like excuse machines.

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