What is a symbol in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

What is a symbol in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

A symbol is an object in a literary piece that represents something deeper. The horizon, the pear tree, the protagonist’s hair, and the hurricane in Their Eyes Were Watching God are all ordinary things that exist in the natural world, but the author uses these images to convey desires and obstacles in Janie’s journey.

What is the false god that Mrs Turner worships?

Mrs. Turner, however, worships her false gods because they give her a sense of superiority over her peers and because, something of a masochist, she enjoys the pain that these gods dole out. When she is mocked for her views by others, she feels like a victim and a martyr, a feeling she finds pleasurable.

Who is Mrs Turner and what type of racism do we see her display in Chapter 16?

Turner, Tea Cake also learns that the Turners have had bad luck with childbirth—they lost several children at birth and only have one son. Mrs. Turner is extremely racist in her perspective on black and white people. She sees white people as gods and black people as worshippers.

Who does Mrs Turner represent?

Mrs. Turner represents the cruelty and delusion that comes from idolizing physical characteristics, and how this devotion turns ordinary people into either gods to worship or fiends to demonize.

What does Mrs Turner worship?

Turner’s worship of whiteness and hatred of Blackness to a religion. Mrs. Turner hopes for a miracle—to become white—despite its complete impossibility. Her beliefs are illogical and yet she continues to have faith despite never-ending disappointment.

What happens at Mrs Turner’s?

The restaurant gets trashed, and Mrs. Turner gets trampled and injured. She fumes at her husband for passively letting the roustabouts wreck her business.

What causes the fight in Mrs Turner’s Restaurant?

In the beginning of her relationship with Tea Cake, he represented freedom for Janie. It is possible that Tea Cake and his friends allowed the fight to escalate into a brawl at the restaurant. Mrs. Turner angered Tea Cake when she sent her brother to try to lure Janie away from Tea Cake.

What is the image on Mrs Turner’s altar?

Hurston uses the image of an altar to relate Mrs. Turner’s hatred for anyone who is not Caucasian. This altar represents the “unattainable — Caucasian characteristics for all.” Mrs.

What was Mrs Turner’s reaction to the incident?

Turner’s reaction to the incident? She told her husband she wanted to move back to Miami. What caused the Seminoles, and then the animals, to move eastward? A hurricane was coming.

Why does tea cake hate Mrs Turner?

Mrs. Turner does not approve of Tea Cake because his skin is too dark and thinks Janie should be with her brother, instead. Mrs. Turner doesn’t believe it when Janie tells her she and Tea Cake have a real love and so much fun together.

How does Tea Cake get revenge on Mrs Turner?

Turner brings her brother over to meet Janie, and Tea Cake nearly loses his mind with jealousy. Tea Cake tells them it was really to get back at Mrs. Turner, and tells them about her racist attitudes. They agree to help him get revenge on Mrs.

Who is Mrs Turner in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Mrs. Turner is Janie and Tea Cake’s awkward looking and often disrespectful neighbor in the muck, who attempts to befriend Janie and alienates Tea Cake. Mrs. Turner repeatedly suggests that Janie go out with her brother, who she says is much better than Tea Cake because of his intelligence and lighter skin.

What is the scheme tea cake and his friends come up with to get rid of Mrs Turner?

Sop-de-Bottom assures Tea Cake that all of the workers will side with him against Mrs. Turner and they plan to drive her away. On Saturday afternoon, the workers are paid, so naturally they go out and party.

Why is Janie still wearing her overalls at the end of Chapter 19?

Janie arranges an elaborate funeral for Tea Cake, whom she has come to idealize as the “son of the Evening Sun.” She is so distraught that she doesn’t care about her appearance; rather than wearing black for mourning, she wears her overalls.

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