What is a Viewpoint article?

What is a Viewpoint article?

Viewpoint articles are short articles which focus on some of the key challenges, issues or developments in natural products research. They can be “opinion” style articles, which give the author’s perspective on a particular issue, backed up by the literature.

How do you write a viewpoint?

How Viewpoint Works – 10 Ways To Tell A Story

  1. First Person – The character tells the story, using the pronoun ‘I’.
  2. Second Person – The character tells the story using the pronoun ‘You’.
  3. Third Person – The narrator/author tells the story using the pronouns ‘He’ and ‘She’.

How do you write a journal opinion?

Here’s a checklist to keep your opinion piece on track:

  1. Focus tightly on one issue or idea — in your first paragraph.
  2. Express your opinion, and then base it on factual, researched or first-hand information.
  3. Be timely, controversial, but not outrageous.
  4. Be personal and conversational; it can help you make your point.

What is commentary in a paragraph?

Commentary Notes. Writing commentary means giving your opinion, interpretation, insight, analysis, explication, personal reaction, evaluation or reflection about a concrete detail in an essay. You are “commenting on” a point you have made. Writing commentary is higher level thinking.

What is a commentary journal article?

Commentaries are short, narrowly focused articles that are usually commissioned by the journal. These articles are generally not peer-reviewed. A Commentary generally takes one of two forms: The second form is more editorial in nature and covers an aspect of an issue that is relevant to the journal’s scope.

How do you write a case summary?

Steps to briefing a case

  1. Select a useful case brief format.
  2. Use the right caption when naming the brief.
  3. Identify the case facts.
  4. Outline the procedural history.
  5. State the issues in question.
  6. State the holding in your words.
  7. Describe the court’s rationale for each holding.
  8. Explain the final disposition.

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