What is a word for strong desire?

What is a word for strong desire?


  • avarice.
  • cupidity.
  • enthusiasm.
  • fervor.
  • greediness.
  • intense desire.
  • longing.

What’s the opposite of desire?

What is the opposite of desire?

apathy disinterest
pet hate mislike
hesitance refusal
lack of desire averseness
distaste discouragement

What’s another word for inclined?

What is another word for inclined?

disposed minded
willing ready
amenable fain
game glad
predisposed prepared

What’s inclined mean?

1 : having inclination, disposition, or tendency. 2a : having a leaning or slope. b : making an angle with a line or plane.

What does I am inclined to agree mean?

‚Äč inclined to agree, believe, think, etc. used when you are expressing an opinion but do not want to express it very strongly. I’m inclined to agree with you.

What does musically inclined mean?

According to some research, an individual is considered as musically inclined if he or she possesses a so-called natural talent for music. Generally, these are the lucky and gifted people who can learn music with no ease. These are the people who were born and destined for music.

What is need satisfaction?

Self-determination theory posits three universal psychological needs: autonomy; competence; and relatedness, and suggests that these must be ongoingly satisfied for people to maintain optimal performance and well-being.

What is need for relatedness?

The need for relatedness is satisfied when people experience a sense of communion and develop close and intimate relationships with others (Deci & Ryan, 2000). Rather than learned, SDT considers the basic psychological needs to be innate, fundamental propensities, much like biological needs (Deci & Ryan, 2000).

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