What is acceleration when velocity is zero?

What is acceleration when velocity is zero?

When acceleration is zero then velocity of object can be zero or constant. The body continues to move with its velocity throughout. For e.g if a train is at rest then acceleration is zero and velocity remains zero. But when train moves with uniform velocity then also acceleration is zero and velocity remains constant.

Can direction of velocity change when acceleration is constant?

1-Yes ,the direction of velocity can change while experiencing a constant acceleration. Like, in uniform circular motion there is a change in direction of the velocity and acceleration is constant in this case.

Does velocity change with direction?

The velocity vector is constant in magnitude but changing in direction. But the fact is that an accelerating object is an object that is changing its velocity. And since velocity is a vector that has both magnitude and direction, a change in either the magnitude or the direction constitutes a change in the velocity.

Can an object have an eastward?

Yes a body can have eastward velocity and westward acceleration e.g. SHM.

Under what condition can an object have an eastward velocity and a westward acceleration at the same time?

Yes. Acceleration is a vector meaning it is a quantity measuring magnitude as well as direction. If an object is experiencing Eastward velocity as well as Westward acceleration it simply means that this object is deacceleraring, or slowing down.

Can an object with constant acceleration reverse its direction?

Answer: Yes, an object with constant acceleration reverses its direction of travel. This can be explained by considering following example. Example: A body thrown to upper direction will change its direction after reaching the maximum height, but the acceleration due to gravity is always constant in this situation.

Can an object be increasing speed as its acceleration decreases?

Yes, it is possible for an object to increase speed, yet decrease its acceleration. An example is a simple pendulum. A pendulum is basically a body suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity.

Is it possible to have a northward velocity with Westward acceleration?

A westward acceleration while moving northward? Yes, an object can be moving at the same time that it is also slowing down. During this period, its acceleration is in the opposite direction of its velocity.

Is the direction of acceleration same as the direction of velocity?

Acceleration is a vector in the same direction as the change in velocity, Δv. Keep in mind that although acceleration is in the direction of the change in velocity, it is not always in the direction of motion. When an object slows down, its acceleration is opposite to the direction of its motion.

What does westward acceleration mean?

Accelerating objects have a changing velocity – either due to a speed change (speeding up or slowing down) or a direction change. A car moving eastward would be described as having an eastward velocity. And a car moving westward would be described as having a westward velocity.

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