What is Amanda Beale address?

What is Amanda Beale address?

Then he found Mars Bar and Amanda there too. Amanda told Maniac to come back with her to live at 782 Sycamore Street. Then Maniac now has an official home.

Where did the Beales live in Maniac Magee?

Rescued by Amanda Beale, Maniac goes to the Beale house. After revealing to Mr. Beale that his home is the deer shed at the zoo, the Beales invite Maniac to stay with them.

Where does Maniac Magee live in Chapter 12?

Inside 728 Sycamore is where Maniac (Jeffrey, according to Amanda) meets Mrs. Beale, Mr. Beale, Hester, Lester and Bow Wow. The Beale home is nothing like the house he left behind in Hollidaysburg—it’s loud, chaotic, and happy.

Why does Amanda carry all her books in a suitcase?

Amanda carries her entire book collection around town in a suitcase so that her younger siblings, Hester and Lester, won’t color on them. Her suitcase piques Maniac’s curiosity when he arrives in town, and when he convinces Amanda to lend him a book, they soon become friends.

What kind of person is Amanda Beale?

Amanda Beale was a no-nonsense, articulate, somewhat bossy girl who had no trouble letting other people know when she was exasperated by their behavior. She was a good person for Jeffrey to meet because she was too friendly to be hostile to the white stranger who approached her.

What does Amanda Beale like?

Nose In a Book But Amanda loves books. She loves them so much that she carries around a suitcase full of them.

Why does maniac go with Amanda?

Amanda and Maniac She was suspicious of Maniac when she first met him, because she wasn’t sure what to think of a white boy in the East End, a black community. When she found Maniac being bullied by Mars Bar and she realized Maniac was trying to bring her book back to her, she brought him home with her.

Why did the Cobras stop chasing maniac?

They were chasing Maniac, because he had beaten McNab at baseball. They stopped chasing him when he crossed over Hector street into the East End that was all blacks! They thought he would be killed by the East Enders, so they stopped and laughed.

What was the maniac called when he first saw the dislike?

What was the name Maniac was called when he first saw the dislike? Whitey. Fishbelly.

Why would maniac not to stay at the YMCA with Grayson?

Maniac thought he was bad luck to people around him. C. Maniac didn’t like the YMCA.

What did Grayson do that made maniac smile and say a men?

What did Grayson do that made Maniac smile and say “A-men”? He painted over the address outside the door of the band shelter. He read a book cover to cover. He told his boss that he wanted a raise.

Why do Piper and Russell leave maniac out of house?

The boys yelled at Maniac and kicked him out of their house when he stomped on their guns. Where did Mars Bar take Russell and Piper ?

What was the most dangerous challenge that Russell and Piper gave maniac?

What was the most perilous challenge Russell and Piper gave Manaic to do? when Maniac raced Mars Bars, he caused more trouble, and Mars Bars now hated Jeffrey Magee.

Where did maniac sleep after he left the McNab house?

He slept in the park that night, and for the next dozen or so. Sometimes in the buffalo shed; other times the band shell benches or the pavilion. The nights were warm now.

What is Maniac’s birthday present for Piper in Chapter 41 When will he give it to Piper?

Expert Answers When Maniac arrives at the McNab home, he proceeds to give Piper his birthday present, which is a compass. Piper initially mistakes the compass for a watch, and Maniac explains to him that the compass can tell him what direction he is going.

Where does maniac sleep in Chapter 8?

So he sleeps in the deer shed at the Elmwood Park Zoo, even sharing the deer’s apples, carrots, and stale bread. He reads and re-reads the book he borrowed from Amanda Beale.

Why does Jeffrey seem to stand out in the East End?

Why did Jeffrey stand out in East End? He was white. Jeffrey hit every ball he threw to him, so McNab went and got___ to pitch.

Where does maniac move to at the end of Chapter 46?

Indeed, Amanda Beale, with her usual amiable bossiness, gives him little choice. After staying for a time with a number of different people and in a variety of situations, Maniac has ended up alone, and is spending his nights in the buffalo pen at the zoo.

What did Amanda tell Jeffery at the end of the book?

When he asks Amanda what her address is, she tells him, but also says, “But you can’t come there. You can’t even be here.” Amanda, who has not often seen white people on the black side of town, is at first a little suspicious at seeing Jeffrey, a white boy and a stranger.

How does Grayson die in Maniac Magee?

Grayson asked Maniac if the black people ate mashed potatoes, and Maniac explained to Grayson that black people are regular people. Maniac asked Grayson to spend the night with him at the band shell and finally the old man gave in. Grayson gave Maniac his old baseball glove. Grayson died and Maniac cried.

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