What is an example of a Subclaim?

What is an example of a Subclaim?

A great example of this is Samuel Adams founder and owner Jim Koch. Jim had a career in management consulting, but always had a passion for beer and decided to quit his job to try to recreate his great-great grandfather’s recipe. This is the recipe that is known today as the world famous Boston Lager.

What is the difference between a claim and Subclaim?

Students will write: – A claim that is debatable, concise, and original. – Sub-claims that are specific and help explain why the main argument is valid. – A claim and sub-claims that can be supported by evidence.

How does a countersuit work?

It’s a lawsuit filed by a defendant against a plaintiff in direct response to a suit brought against the debtor by that plaintiff. The countersuit asserts an independent Cause of Action in favor of the defendant (debtor). Therefore, if you are told a counterclaim has been filed, clarify its meaning immediately.

Why is it important to learn to counterclaim?

Being able to recognize and formulate counterclaims in reaction to an argument is a characteristic of a good critical reader. Counterclaims are claims made to rebut a previous claim. They provide a contrasting perspective to the main argument.

What are things to consider when identifying a counterclaim?

Check all that apply. information learned from research background information already known personal beliefs and opinions how other information contradicts your claim reasons why you believe you are correct.

Why is having a strong claim in a paper vital?

✓ A claim is the main argument of an essay. It is probably the single most important part of an academic paper. The complexity, effectiveness, and quality of the entire paper hinges on the claim. If your claim is boring or obvious, the rest of the paper probably will be too.

What makes a strong piece of evidence?

First, the evidence should come from a good believable source. Second, the evidence should be to the point. Third, it should make a persuasive argument on that point. And fourth, the evidence should give strong support to the point its making and never contradict itself.

What makes a piece of evidence strong and supportive to your claim?

Strong evidence must meet several criteria. It should be: Relevant to the topic of your paper. In support of the argument you’re advancing.

What are the supporting evidence?

Supporting evidence proves a claim to be true. Supporting evidence can be a summary, paraphrased or a direct quote. It’s really where you prove your point to be true, it’s that evidence that supports it.

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