What is an example of personification in hatchet?

What is an example of personification in hatchet?

Personification. The most obvious example of personification occurs when Brian first creates fire. He imagines this fire as a sentiment being, a living friend that he must nurture and care for.

What does Brian feel that the personification supports?

It’s more likely that Brian is the one who needs constant companionship and attending. Similarly, the personification of the fire shows how fragile and vulnerable Brian believes himself to be. He guards and feeds the fire at every opportunity, simply because he cannot do the same for himself.

What literary devices are used in hatchet?

Possible literary elements include: simile. metaphor. personification.

Why was Brian not eating too many raspberries?

He thinks his stomach trouble must have been the result of eating too many of the berries. He crawls out of the shelter and uses sticks to try to clean the mess in the sand. He’s careful not to eat too many, and to choose the ones that seem to be the most ripe, taking time to wash them in the lake first.

What food did Brian find?

The first food he locates consists of some bright red berries, which he eats despite their bitter taste. Later in the book, a raspberry patch helps alleviate some hunger but puts him face to face with a bear. The next nourishment he finds is turtle eggs, which he eats raw.

What did Brian get tired of eating?

The great discovery he makes several days later is that of remembering that water refracts light so once he leaves the tip of his arrow in the water, he finds himself able to get fish with it and he finally sates his hunger with all the fish he can cook on the fire.

What did Brian and Terry do 2 years ago?

What did Brian and Terry use to do 2 years ago that might help him now that he’s alone in the woods? They would pretend to be lost in the woods.

What woke Brian in the middle of the night?

Awakened in the middle of the night from a dream about his mother, Brian becomes violently ill from the many berries he has eaten the previous day. He has a flashback in which the image of his mother kissing the man with the short blond hair recurs to him with horrible clarity.

How did Brian in hatchet build his shelter?

They had imagined they had tools for survival, and Brian wishes his friend and the tools were there with him. He and Terry agreed the best shelter was a lean-to, a triangular shelter made by leaning a wall of large sticks and brush against an existing upright surface. Brian decides a lean-to would be a good idea now.

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