What is an example of venture?

What is an example of venture?

An example of venture is to put money into a business that might not be the most profitable, but that will make the person happy The definition of a venture is an undertaking, particularly one that involves some sort of risk or danger An example of venture is climbing to the top of the country’s tallest mountain

What is the opposite of venture?

Antonyms of VENTURE safety, assurance, safeguard, protect, inaction, certainty, plan, fact, necessity, abstain, sure thing, surety, reality, disbelieve, idleness, hide, guard, design, yield, security, protection, save, neglect

What’s another word for venture?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for venture, like: adventure, risk, post, try, project, peril, stake, foray, endeavor, attempt and brave

How do you use the word venture?

He lost a lot of money in a failed business venture last year The latest Russian-American space venture has failed due to engineering problems People in the capital are afraid to venture out of their homes due to falling debris from buildings damaged in the earthquake

What is another word for command?

Some common synonyms of command are authority, control, dominion, jurisdiction, power, and sway

What is the opposite of cruel?

What is the opposite of cruel?

merciful compassionate
tolerant altruistic
beneficent considerate
generous kindly
soft thoughtful

What is a commanding person?

If you describe someone as commanding, you mean that they are powerful and confident [approval] Lovett was a tall, commanding man with a waxed gray mustache Synonyms: authoritative, imposing, impressive, compelling More Synonyms of commanding

What do Commanding mean?

being in command

What is the opposite of commanding?

Near Antonyms for commanding canceling (or cancelling), countermanding, rescinding

What does commending mean?

1 : to give into another’s care : entrust 2 : to speak or write of with approval : praise The police officers were commended for bravery

What does floundering mean?

intransitive verb 1 : to struggle to move or obtain footing : thrash about wildly The poor horse was floundering in the mud

What criticize means?

: to act as a critic transitive verb 1 : to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly : evaluate He asked me to criticize his drawings 2 : to find fault with : point out the faults of His boss criticized him for his sloppy work

How do I stop criticizing others?

How to stop criticizing:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Look for the positives
  3. Don’t take his/her behavior personally
  4. Consider whether you need to say anything at all
  5. Ask directly and respectfully for what you want
  6. Manage your own anxiety and stress

How do you criticize someone?

  1. Be Straightforward You aren’t doing anybody any favors by skirting around the subject
  2. Be Specific General criticism almost always sounds like a put down
  3. Focus on the Work, Not the Person
  4. Don’t Tell Someone They’re Wrong
  5. Find Something to Compliment
  6. Make Suggestions, Not Orders
  7. Have a Conversation

What do you call someone who criticizes?

Up vote -1 Probably a “hypercritic” – a person who is excessively or captiously critical Or “hypercritical” as an adjective You could concatenate “constantly ratifying”, “self-righteous” and “hypercritic” to call such a person a “constantly ratifying self-righteous hypercritic”

What makes someone so critical of others?

Projecting their fears and bad decisions Overly critical people have a “one size fits all” mindset It’s like that “friend” or family member who talks down to you about your life decisions They criticize you because they’re projecting their greatest fears They are too afraid to make a decision

Why does a person criticize?

We criticize because we somehow feel devalued by the behavior or attitude Critical people tend to be easily insulted and especially in need of ego defense Critical people were often criticized in early childhood by caretakers, siblings, or peers, at an age when criticism can be especially painful

What do you call someone who always points out flaws?

Some common synonyms of faultfinding are captious, carping, censorious, critical, and hypercritical While all these words mean “inclined to look for and point out faults and defects,” faultfinding implies a querulous or exacting temperament a faultfinding reviewer

Why would someone point out your flaws?

There are many reasons why someone would point someone else’s flaws It either means that they really care about you and genuinely think that the flaw they mentioned is destructive for you or they could just be dealing with their own insecurities

How do you respond when someone points out a mistake?

Originally Answered: How should you respond when someone points out a mistake? “Thank you” is a good answer If it is an important mistake, “Thanks a lot — that really helped avoid a problem” is even better

Why do I always look for flaws?

When looking for flaws, we are just trying to feel validated to some extent, even those who pride themselves of being “above social norms or rules/trends”, you name it Think about what people do to make others who are feeling down, feel better; it often is something that inflates other people’s flaws

Why does my husband point out my flaws?

By pointing out flaws, you hope that your partner will let go of the things that you don’t like and become more the person you want him or her to be Your partner might have one of two major responses to your judgments He or she might try very hard to become what you want them to be, thereby losing themselves

How do I stop nitpicking my husband?

How to Stop Nitpicking in a Relationship

  1. Ask yourself why you feel compelled to nitpick, nag, or complain
  2. Think about the damage you are doing to another by engaging in these patterns
  3. Taking a step back to look at your own patterns
  4. Consider a more effective approach
  5. Respect your partner’s differences
  6. Think of the effect it has on your partner

Do guys notice your flaws?

Your reaction to their own flaws They will notice if you run your hands over his scars or his zits He knows, and to a point, it’s pretty common to see a guy slowly begin to get very self-conscious over it So, if you can, ignore his flaws, too

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